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If you are seeking a more natural approach to treat your Sports Injury Tulsa, then we encourage you to reach out to us here at Revolution Health and Wellness. This because here Revolution Health and Wellness we are the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in the state of Oklahoma today. Nobody gets better results than we do whenever it comes natural are our holistic medicine. That’s because we provide a “revolutionary” approach to medicine is a natural and holistic medicine, as a functional medicine clinic that is dedicated to make sure that we give you better alternatives and better results than anybody else. In our experience, we are going to build to provide you with results that are just as good as or better than what traditional medicine would be able to provide you at a normal modern Western medicine clinic.

You come to us with something like a Sports Injury Tulsa, then we are going to be treated with the same kind of results. For instance, if you come to us with a sports injury, that we are going to be able to use something like prolotherapy this involves injecting your tents into the muscle that is going to stimulate the healing process of the body instead of using any kind of medication to treat the issue, or any pain medications. We want to utilize a natural process and natural remedies to go to the root cause of the problem and were to correct. We realize that more medication only makes us less healthy and some other way because all medicines and prescriptions have some of the adverse effect. The more medications do not make us more healthy.

See can expect whenever you come to see us here at Revolution Health and Wellness for something like a Sports Injury Tulsa, you will be a expect the same results that you would get at a traditional clinic. But here, where can make sure the get to the real problems actually take care of it. We can take this approach not only for sports injuries, but also things like hormone replacement, sexual health, pain management in general, nutritional supplement IV therapy, and much more. For a full list and description of has things we can do for you here at pollution company, we encourage you to go to the website.

You can find a website anytime at we can find our online store with many of our naturalistic and holistic medicines and treatments available there, and you can also utilize our patient portal to book appointments, find patient information and more. We also provide you the way to pay your bills online and several other convenient resources. But if you’re wondering what you expect natural medicine, we want you to have expectation that you can receive the same kind of results than if you anywhere else utilizing a naturalistic or a holistic approach utilizing our functional medicine clinic here in Glenpool, Oklahoma.

So if you want to expect those kind of results, and you want to use a better way to get to that end result, they get in touch with us here at Revolution Health and Wellness by calling us directly at 918-935-3636, you can always go to the website anytime also to find all this information much more anytime at

Sports Injury Tulsa | What Is Holistic Medicine?

If you’re someone that has recently experienced a Sports Injury Tulsa, and someone has recommended, and you’re wondering what that is, then here at Revolution Health and Wellness as the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in Oklahoma, working to give you the lowdown on what a natural or a holistic approach to medicine is. Our functional clinic is a clinic that focuses on this to many of your health issues, we’ve actually been seen although, major news programs. We’ve had tremendous success using a holistic approach to medicine, and we are going to describe to what our approach consists of here at Revolution Health and Wellness, and the kind of results that we be getting for many years now.

Whereas the modern Western medicine so is primarily on sick care when it comes to things like Sports Injury Tulsa, and not healthcare because it is centered primarily on illness and disease instead of wellness and health, you can be prescribed medication of some sort in the majority of cases. And most medications come with adverse or unintentional side effects to go along with their benefits. And as doctors, our first victim is “first do no harm”. So in an effort to get you better results without the same kind of harmful side effects that have in your body, then we are going to offer you a more natural remedy for your illness or your injury or whatever the case may be. Experience, we can get better results if not better using natural substances, herbs, foods and supplements. These often are much better solution the modern medications, and can significantly lower the risks of the adverse effects.

For example, whenever you come to us with something like a Sports Injury Tulsa coming to us, we can help them with a holistic approach to the pain management such as prolotherapy. This involves injecting you’re just directly into the injured site or the affected muscle, which can stimulate the body to start the healing process. Instead of taking pain medications, we can provide you with an injection that is going to stimulate the body to heal itself. Our methods involve seeking the root cause of the problem and working to correct it. Because we realize here that more medication is not going to make us more healthy and therefore we are going to avoid using synthetic medications whenever possible.

So if you have a better understanding of what holistic medicine is now, and you’d like to take part in it, then took a website see can see the full list of the kind of services that we can provide. In addition to sports medicine and sports injuries, we can also help you with hormone replacement, sexual health issues, pain management, nutritional supplement IV therapy and much more. We can provide healing solutions for most of your health problems that don’t involve minor medication.

So if you’re interested in that then we encourage you to reach out to us. Is give us call anytime at calling us directly at 918-935-3636 to set up your first appointment with us here at Revolution Health and Wellness, and in the meantime we encourage you to the website at we can find all this information much more.