Sports injury Tulsa | the aches and pains of life

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Sports injury Tulsa | this is why we do stretches

This content was written for revolution health

How many of us have ever been a plane sports either in high school or elementary school or even their daughters and have gotten injured always that one has ever done the sport has gone injured in some way some more severe than others for those of you that have been more severely injured than the others you know the pain and has as well as the lasting effects of the injury might have your back might not feel the same or you might have a twinge in your ankle that has never gone away. If you are have old sports injuries Tulsa were new ones revolution health are are are going to be there for you to make sure that you are feeling as you were before the injury.

You might ask yourself what kind of services might expect from revolution health one of the many things we offer here is a functional medicine differs from traditional medicine or traditional medicine is all about the disease and it is all about the management of the disease and the uses terms as is normal abnormal however functional medicine is something used here at revolution health that is more patient centered and seeks to find the causes of the diseases instead of the management of. There’s also other things such as prolotherapy and the hormone replacement as well. So if you have that old sports injury Tulsa were new one you will know that you can get that taken care of here

Speaking of your old sports injury Tulsa if you have been to Dr. Dr. and some of them are even suggesting surgery to help fix it you should, by revolution health first with the ability to do prolotherapy me that they will inject small doses of a solution into the damaged area or tissue and that will in turn cause an inflammatory response beginning the healing process that might have been stopped due to bad arteries or some other cause. The human body is made to start this process and where the process cannot start it takes longer for the wound or injury to heal.

One other thing that we do here is the ability to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT for short that they will to inject into your arm a small little capsule that will inject you with the hormones necessary to sustain good health as well as Sue’s staying active sexual health as well. We know how important it is the people to be the percent of people are low on a certain hormone to take be sluggish and tired or even not feeling themselves. So if you have an sports injury Tulsa anything he might be helped by hormone therapy they come visit us a
t revolution health.

Come visit the website on or give us a call at (918)935-3636 where one associates would love to talk to you.

Sports injury Tulsa | the aches and pains of life

This content was written for revolution health

Sports injury Tulsa are common reason why people comment visit us here at revolution health they are looking for the kind of services that we can provide for them that will not require them to have surgery like some doctors are going to recommend. We employee all sorts of different kinds of cutting edge medical approaches that will make it more affordable as well as less intrusive. We won every patient to feel comfortable their choice when it becomes. For revolution health and wellness we know that’s we will build to help you leave this office feeling 10 times better and that is our goal here at revolution health

Our services range from all sorts of things such as functional medicine to labs to skin care as well as hormone replacement therapy the functional medicines are different from traditional medicines which means that you are going to the doctor receiving pills for the disease however the functional medicine here at revolution health will or more patient centered our a little bit longer appointments to try and find the root of the disease are the cause of your discomfort.

If you have a sports injury Tulsa that isn’t healing just quite right and you don’t know why you’re revolution health we have a process called prolotherapy which that it will build to inject a small solution of a medical compound into the damaged tissue area and that turn will cause inflammatory response in the damaged area stimulating healing effects of the human body because the first process of healing is inflammatory responses. That is something returned stimulating get going for our patients.

Or if you do believe that your sports injury Tulsa is treatable by hormone replacement help stimulate some of the natural body healing then feel free to get some of that appeal to help inject you with a small pellet into your arms that will release hormones throughout the time it is there it will be able to make sure that you are getting the correct dosage hormone that you need to make sure they stay at a stable balance of the hormones whether you are a man or woman does not matter we are trying to help everyone in the hormone field.

There are many options and services that were not discussed here there is however a place for you to go to read all that more about us and about the different services and med spa that we have and that is our website on there you will be able to see the services as well as testimonials of our satisfied customers who have had problems helped by the doctors here feel free to give us a call at (918)935-3636 where one of associates would be happy to talk to you and answer any and all questions you might have