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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Sports Injury Tulsa | Prolotherapy professionals.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

Revolution health and wellness is your leading clinic in Tulsa Oklahoma focusing on holistic care and getting to the root cause of many of your bodies aches and illnesses. Sports injury Tulsa Oklahoma is a very big industry and no one does it better revolution health and wellness clinic located at 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033. Ran and operated by Dr. Chad Edwards an highly acclaimed osteopathic physician who has been serving Tulsa Oklahoma diligently for the past years. Many people have never heard of prolotherapy and how it benefits many sports injury Tulsa victims. If you want to learn more about prolotherapy I encourage you to visit their website and click on the services tab and find prolotherapy to watch a highly educational video by Dr. Chad Edwards himself.

Simply stated prolotherapy is the treatment of your overall musculoskeletal pain. Revolution health and wellness clinic promotes prolotherapy as a way to increase your bodily functions and get your body optimize back to tiptop shape. Many sports injury Tulsa victim benefit greatly from prolotherapy as it helps get their life back. And very rudimentary terms prolotherapy has the ability to stimulate your body in order to heal itself. Yes you heard me right, your body can and will heal itself is probably fueled. This is not a new And it’s been around for thousands of years, our bodies were designed to be able to survive extremely harsh conditions, built to adapt to many changes in our environment and absolutely made to heal ourselves.

Prolotherapy will help many sports injury Tulsa patients with their muscular skeletal pains. Many of these pains are due to attend and or ligament stretching and relaxation, what this means is that there is extreme damage to structures and causes instability in the body and overcompensation. What prolotherapy does is the use of the proliferant solution ministered by Dr. Chandler into damage structures which then stimulate inflammatory response in the body, which basically means that the the body’s natural healing mechanism goes into overdrive. This proliferative solution is the first phase in healing of these damaged structures in the human body.

Revolution health and wellness has the systems that will help heal their damage structures and get these people back in action is selling better than they have years prior. The circulatory system then carries certain chemicals and nutrients to the site of injury in order to fuel the process of rebuilding these damaged ligaments and tendons. In many cases dealing with ligaments and tendons there is very poor blood supply running tubings areas and that is why they appear white on cutting into section. What this does is it the low blood supply decreases the effectiveness of the inflammatory, which is the body’s natural healing, and can result in extreme chronic laxity which often results in chronic pain.

If you had a sports injury Tulsa Oklahoma and cannot get any other relief from traditional medicine, I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Chad Edwards with Revolution health and wellness clinic in Tulsa Oklahoma and scheduling your first appointment today. You can reach them at (918) 935-3636 or visit their website to get more information. You have the power to heal yourself, let Dr. Edwards unleash your body’s natural healing capabilities.

Sports Injury Tulsa | Get your functionality back at Revolution.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

It’s time to get your functionality back here at Revolution health and wellness clinic located at 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033. Ran by Dr. Chad Edwards and his extremely knowledgeable staff, they are much different than your average traditional medicinal doctors they understand the body is not just one setof functions, but works cohesively as a whole unit a.k.a. one big picture. This sets Revolution health and wellness clinic apart from any other sports injury Tulsa clinic in the area as they understand exactly how the body works. Many people do not know what prolotherapy does or how it helps the body to heal itself.

Basically prolotherapy stimulates the body inflammatory response and triggers the healing process. Pretty unbelievable of the body can heal itself, but this is ancient knowledge that many eastern holistic doctors still know today. It is only here in the Western world that we have gotten this miracle thinking and simply believe that a pharmaceutical subscription will be able to fix all of our ailments. So next time someone tells you that the human body cannot heal itself, you tell them that the human body is extremely impressive and has many capabilities that we do not even know. Sports injury Tulsa Oklahoma is an extremely common ailment in here at Revolution health and wellness clinic they can get your life back in as little as one appointment.

Dr. Edwards believes that our bodies are designed to survive, built to adapt to environmental changes and are made to heal ourselves. I highly encourage you to do some research on this topic as you will find out this is all true. Dr. Chad Edwards is truly a magnificent healer and uses his prolotherapy in order to heal our damaged structures. In many cases the circulatory system carries these nutrients and chemicals to the site of the sports injury Tulsa in order to fuel the process and start the rebuilding of the said damage structures.

Prolotherapy will begin to initiate a powerful implements for a response in the body and directs itself to these damaged areas by stimulating the human healing cascade. This is why many sports injury Tulsa victims seek out Revolution health and wellness in order to get their mobility and wellness back.

How exactly does prolotherapy work most people want to know how the procedure works and on the other side many people simply don’t care and they just want to get better. Many other people ask how much does prolotherapy cost and will insurance cover this type of procedure? The short answer is unfortunately no it is not covered by insurance and while some may think it may be quite expensive, in the long run it is much less expensive than living with chronic pain for the rest your life and abusing your body with pharmaceuticals. Whenever you’re ready to make the jump and sign up for your prolotherapy you can reach out to Revolution health and wellness at (918) 935-3636 make an appointment with Dr. Edwards staff. You may also check out more on their website at and read and watched several videos highlighting the benefit to prolotherapy and how they apply to your sports injury Tulsa Oklahoma. So what are you waiting for stop the constant chronic pain and give Dr. Chad Edwards a call today.