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Sports Injury Tulsa from Revolution health and wellness located in Glen Pool Oklahoma can be found on social media. If you wanted a little more information about functional medicine or maybe looking to make a change in your health contact our office today. We also want to be of help he express the highest rated most of the functional medicine clinic in Oklahoma. This is a functional medicine clinic the interest and obviously we would be able to prove it to the six go ahead and schedule your morning or afternoon appointment with us today.

Sports Injury Tulsa and Revolution health and wellness are partnering together be able to deliver an excellent expense for every single client interaction. If you want to be able to meet with Dr. Edwards maybe even his other staff members be able to see for mother not working the best fit for you and also if you want to be able to be a new patient as she felt the foreman website table scheduling appointment. Usually the surname email phone number as well as what is the best time for you to be able to meet with one of our team members able to cover your house as well as being able to create a plan contact us today she was exited for you to be able to make your life a little bit easier today.

Sports Injury Tulsa and are functional medicine is all that you need to be able to increase the health and wellness of your body. Or maybe even a family family member or friend who’s looking able to make a change in the housing option would be able to do a different route because it seems that the doctor you have been going to are only just telling you take prescriptions that are costing hundreds of dollars a month and you’re tired of having to take pills or rely on prescription drugs be able to take every illness or maybe even your disease go and gives contact to contact us at AC but not to offer you. You can actually find us here in Glen Pool Oklahoma. Our address is 12142 South Yukon Ave. 74033.

It also never hurts be able to read some the reviews and as well as testimony is a patient that had helped in the past as well as currently helping. If you really want to be able to make a difference or maybe looking for a change of pace and you’re tired of dealing with the current doctors that you have her consistently just telling you the same thing but never really giving you a different answer contact revolution health and wellness to see what I can ask to provide you today. Also neighborhoods failed to read the reviews feeding us to confine us on social media including Facebook twitter and even find us on our own YouTube channel. Was the one to make sure getting healthy tips and tricks across to anybody and also getting across the masses.

Call revolution health and wellness scale. The number you need to call them to get a hold of us and people scheduled appointments can be 918-935-3636 you can also get for more information and also be able to meet with I one of our head doctors which is Chad Edwards as well as his other team members today.

Sports Injury Tulsa | Just What You Needed

Sports Injury Tulsa from revolution health and wellness is just what you needed. For the conveyor look at some patient info maybe the to be able to be a new patient actually can provide you a new patient form which you can actually fill out and then be actually scheduled for morning or afternoon whatever time is best for you to be able to come in and ask to have a comforting consultation with us. Press the proper examination on you if you can be the best fit for you. You can also I want to sign up with this you can execute your patient information through the our patient portal as well as be able to have access to our postprocedural care list as well.

Sports Injury Tulsa is just the tip of the iceberg and obviously we want to be able to say that we are more than just your normal medical clinic. Because here we practice functional medicine which is actually kind of a different turn from traditional medicine obviously sometimes traditional medicine doesn’t actually work for everybody so it might just be approaching your health from a different aspect or a different perspective. So contact us if you be able to be a new patient as well as being able to set yourself up at the consultation with the highest and highest and most revered function medicine clinic in Oklahoma.

Sports Injury Tulsa really is not the only thing that we do here. We do prolotherapy hormone replacement therapy as well as sports injury related we have as false treatment. So if you have a child or maybe you actually have your own sports injury that you might have had that might have happened a long time ago that you never really been able to fully recover from it able to get back to your normal routine contact our office today to see what they been exceeded be able to buy gin medical help that you need also making sure they were doing at the smart way and also be able to do a couple of examination to be able to make sure X again to the root cause of the pain.

So get in touch with one of our team members gain also we happily be able to go with patient portal with you because you can to have access at once become a patient reconnects to have your records and also be able to keep them on file for yourself as busting him a place where can ask to get in contact with them in case you need to be able to transfer them from one doctor to another. The gun gets on the cumulative comes returns about our services vessels will do that makes us different from everybody else.

Call 918-935-3636 a good to be able to learn more about how macaques improve the odds of success have you actually getting back to your regular day activities of daily living. It’s very important for us be able to do our own examination be able to make sure we know where you’re at and where he connects to go and how you can progress using our functional medicine practices.