Sports Injury Tulsa | Are you in need of Better Healthcare for yourself or Family?

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Sports Injury Tulsa | have you recently been injured during sports?

If you had a Sports Injury Tulsa Revolution Health & Wellness is definitely the place we need to be. If you look online we have tons of five-star views of everyone that is constantly made sure that we are taking care of our patients and a complete and holistic fashion. There’s nothing you can do or any place he can go that is better than Revolution Health & Wellness. Were gonna make sure that your body is completely and naturally healed in the best way possible. Time after time again we have constantly proven ourselves to be able to help all of our clients and getting better over time. If you look the results of all of our clients online you’re going to see that we have taken the best approach to healing all of our clients.

If you ever suffered from a Sports Injury Tulsa you might want to see someone like Dr. Chad Edwards. Dr. Chad Edwards is a osteopathic physician which means his primary approach did helping people heal is allowing the body to do it himself. Dr. Chad Edwards is not believe in Western medications which actually make your body less healthy over time and only treat symptoms for the current problem. Dr. Chad Edward believe that your body should be able to naturally heal itself using natural treatment options and not just putting permanent health issues on yourself by increasing the amount of medications that your body takes.

If you ever have something like a Sports Injury Tulsa you really should think about saying a facility with to take care of you until you’re actually healed completely. Companies like Revolution Health & Wellness are going to make sure that your healed naturally in the best way possible to make sure that your back on your feet as soon as possible. Revolution Health & Wellness does things such as prolotherapy which promotes your body to actually heal itself by injecting the chemicals that your body naturally releases to heal his body to shock it back into health. There’s no company out there like Revolution Health & Wellness when it comes to caring about its patients being killed naturally without medications. We promise to give you the absolute best treatment possible to make sure that you’re taking care of and fixes fast possible.

Whenever you come to Revolution Health & Wellness you can expect to have all-natural treatments with things such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Never females are having problems with the chemical imbalance due to natural chemicals being released in their body such as birth control Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help them get back on their feet quickly and feeling better and no time at all. Other things we do is make sure that your bodies completely functioning correctly. Whenever we take labs we can actually check your urine and saliva test to make sure that your body is performing at peak performance, and if it’s not we know way to build a fix in what is wrong.

If you would like to reach us we are easily reachable on her website at, or you can start up an appointment with us by recalling us by phone at (918) 935-3636. We would love to meet with you and your family to make sure that you are taking care of in the healthiest way possible.