Revolutionize Tulsa CrossFit

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Revolutionize Tulsa CrossFit

This Content Was Written by Tulsa CrossFit

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When you think of CrossFit in Tulsa we hope you think of Revolution health first. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. has been running this clinic for a number of years and he believes he can help you when getting the best body of your life. It’s important to consider the health benefits and costs of CrossFit in Tulsa and Tulsa CrossFit. Of course it’s good for you to work out they can also be very hard on your body with the demanding types of workouts done in Tulsa CrossFit. If you’re looking to get into it or you’re looking for recovery from pain from experiencing Tulsa CrossFit give us a call at Revolution health. Our number is 918-935-3636 and we can definitely serve you and your body in the best possible way by giving you different types of support and therapy to make sure that your Temple is secure and ready to perform at the highest functions.

If you are an active Tulsa CrossFit enthusiast there’s a good chance he will experience some slight pain or discomfort over time. If your shoulders, wrists, knees, back, or other areas are on a consistent basis visit Your pain relief for chronic pain is only one phone call away this is the home of Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. and he is ready to give you the best Tulsa CrossFit experience by giving you the body relief you need. By implementing different strategies you can make sure that your body is functioning to the highest abilities and your pain free throughout your day. Stop living in pain and start triumphing over all of the things that are setting back the health of Americans in recent years.

Factors of being healthy are plaguing Americans. Whether smoking, obesity, or a number of other things Americans have never been less healthy in the history of the United States. It’s time to gain back our freedom and do it in a healthy and responsible manner by securing our body with Revolution health. We can provide things like prolotherapy. Prolotherapy uses injections into the joints and tendons that her in your body. It is completely safe and it restores collagen to those areas. Rebuilding them and making them tighter is what will stop the pain shooting through your body and into your brain. See how prolotherapy can fix your problems today by giving us a call at 918-935-3636. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is standing by ready to relieve you of your chronic pain.

See what prolotherapy, a healthy lifestyle, and all of the above can do for you and your family by visiting us at Debbie WW.Revolution health the work today or give us a call and we will be sure to make sure that your life is revolutionize and you can start participating in Tulsa CrossFit like never before.

Tulsa CrossFit like You’ve Never Seen It before

This Content Was Written by Tulsa CrossFit

It’s time to revolutionize the way we work out in America. Revolution health and wellness started by Chad Edwards can be visited at or reached at 918-935-3636 for more information on how to revolutionize your life. We definitely need a revolution in the United States. People are more overweight, and less healthy than they’ve ever been before and it’s starting to show. Medical costs keep rising and the effectiveness keeps dropping because it’s what we need is to radically change our lifestyles not change the way we approach health. That’s why you need to give us a call here at Revolution health today to make sure you get back in the Tulsa CrossFit game. Tulsa CrossFit is bigger than ever right now and it’s important to maintain a healthy body and relieve all the pain that comes with getting your body back in shape after years of despondency.

Tulsa CrossFit is all over the place and in every gym. Whether you’re wanting to get started in Tulsa CrossFit or you’re a Tulsa CrossFit veteran who’s experiencing pain and would like some relief. You need to give us a call at Revolution health. If your shoulders, wrists, knees, back when you other areas hurt on a consistent basis find out more at our website and you can get the pain relief that you need. The factors being healthy include quitting smoking and weight loss and so many other things. We will be your life coach and we will responsibly get you back to where you need to be to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Visit our website at or call Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. at 918-935-3636 and he can get you on the path to living the life you’ve meant to live.

We believe in The Healthy Trinity: Nutrition, Exercise, and The 3 R’s (Rest, Recovery, Reduction) and that means you need to attack all of your health issues on the three-pronged basis. Whether it’s getting the nutrition you need an eating the right foods to be healthy or by exercising on a daily basis. Rest recovery and reduction all have to do with properly working out and healing your body afterwards. Come business here and we can talk about what prolotherapy is. Prolotherapy uses injections to boost collagen in your joints and tendons which relieves pain and strengthens them. You can picture joints and tendons almost like a cable wire made up of many fibers. After time and where some of those fibers break which reduces the functionality of your joints and tendons. Let’s rebuild those with simple, safe injections from prolotherapy at Revolution health. We can get you back in the Tulsa CrossFit game by making the pain go away and making your body more active and useful than ever. We want your body to be like a well coiled spring that can jump into effect at any time giving you the results you need.