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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

One of the Few Places in Town That Offers Tulsa Prolotherapy

This content was written for Revolution Health

Revolution Health is one of the few places in town, in Tulsa that offers Tulsa prolotherapy. If you are looking for a place that can help you get rid of your pain, the natural way and set up just covering up or making you have to deal with it for so many years, you need to call Revolution Health and set up a consultation and an appointment with Dr. Chad Edwards. Revolution Health can also do more than Tulsa prolotherapy, Dr. Edwards can also offer IV therapies for a number of different symptoms such as tiredness, sickness, stress, and more. You need to call 918-935-3636, if you are ready to be in the best health possible.

To be in the best health possible, that means to be in optimal health. What that means, is that you are not tired, that you are not run down constantly always stressed, that you have the energy to go out and do things that you love to do. These are all things that means being in the optimal health. If you are not in the optimal health and you need to call Dr. Chad Edwards today, and let him provide those IV therapies that he has, that he is known for. He is ready to help you, he is standing by for your call so he can help you.

He is one of the experts, that is actually going to take the time to get to know you, and what you are going through so that way he can find the real issue, the real problem. Whatever the real, underlying problem is that is causing you that tiredness, or that sickness, Dr. Edwards wants to find and treat it, the natural way. He even has things like herbs, immune boosting methods, and nutritional food advice that he can provide for you, to make sure that you are constantly feeling great, the you are not susceptible to sickness. Men, you can also use Dr. Edwards to get some help in stopping the 2% loss of testosterone method experience every single year. That’s right on takes is a phone call.

Men lose up to 2% of the levels of testosterone that they have, every single year and that directly negatively impacts the energy that you have. So make sure that you are having the energy that you need to get throughout the day, and to really thrive in life, by going to Revolution Health and getting some amazing testosterone replacement from Dr. Edwards. And like I said, you can always get rid of your pain there to as he is one of the few experts that offers Tulsa prolotherapy in town.

If any of this at all sounded interesting to you, and you are thinking about how to get healthy and stay the most healthy that you can, and you should probably call and set up an appointment. That’s right, call and set up an appointment with Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health today, at 918-953-3636, so you can start getting all of these great benefits that I had mentioned in this article.

What Are Your Symptoms?

This content was written for Revolution Health.

What are your symptoms? That is the physicians favorite question am I right? But there is a physician that is going to be different when he asks that question, I am talking about Dr. Edwards. Many physicians will ask you that question, so than they can accurately prescribe you pain medications, or prescriptions that are going to a cover-up those symptoms but when Dr. Edwards asked that question, you wants to know so he can find the root of the problem, so he can help you fix it. He is all about the holistic and natural approach, and he believes that not only does the body works together, but he also believes people should stop covering up their symptoms, and actually fix the problem. You need to call Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health by grabbing your telephone or cell phone and dialing 918-935-3636.

Pain management is an area where this seems to be rampant, where people do is ask what your symptoms are so they can prescribe you some pain pills to help manage your pain. As of just managing your pain from day-to-day, or a set of just being faced with the option of surgery, why not use Revolution Health and get some Tulsa prolotherapy? Dr. Edwards can provide you with some Tulsa prolotherapy, that is going to be able to help you not just get your pain masked, but get rid of it for good.

You need to call Dr. Edwards today, and talk to him about getting Tulsa prolotherapy so you can talk to him about getting rid of your pain. If prolotherapy is right for you, then this is a nonsurgical option that you can have that is natural, and works great because it doesn’t just cover up the problem, or try to mask your pain, it simply gets rid of it, by allowing the body to fight and heal itself. This is what you can have as soon as you call Revolution Health today and set up an appointment with the amazing expert that is Dr. Edwards.
Dr. Edwards wants to help you, he really does, that’s why he started Revolution Health here in Tulsa, because he truly does have a heart for the people Tulsa and he wants to help every single person, every single Tulsa, have the most optimal health, the best help that they can have, and being. You not only wants to help you be in good health, but continue to stay in great health as well, that is important to know. That is why he offers only different people nutritional advice, and even person supplements for them to take, to be able to stay healthy.

Revolution Health really wants to make sure that you are not dependent on any type of prescriptions, for any type of symptoms, to that’s why Dr. Chad Edwards is going to ask you what your symptoms are, so that he can find the root of the issue and problem, and fix it not make you a line on different prescriptions that you have to fill all of the time. Call 918-935-3636 are your cellular phone or your home phone, today you can start making you an appointment with Dr. Edwards.