Providing personal treatment and prolotherapy at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Providing personal treatment and prolotherapy at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

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The number one thing that Revolution Health is known for his being personable and connecting with their patients. For us it’s not just about prescribing medication or giving you the right treatment. It’s about making sure you have everything you need to enhance your lifestyle and know exactly what you need to do to maximize your health benefits. Dr. Chad Edwards is not only a graduate of Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences but he’s one of the most personable and knowledge of health professionals in the city of Tulsa. He has provided dozens upon dozens of prolotherapy treatment for patients who have had successful and amazing results. He is treated every thing from Tulsa and the pain, to neck pain, to elbow pain, to back pain and other chronic pains. Personable and professional is exactly what you’ll find it Revolution Health.

What if we told you that there was a way to heal yourself naturally without having to go to surgery. Prolotherapy is an alternative that is used for chronic pain that does not require surgery. In fact it is simple as injecting a syringe into the damaged area and watching your body heal itself. Our bodies were made to reconstruct and repair damages made throughout life. What prolotherapy does is stimulate the body’s natural process of repairing and increases the result. Your body literally fixes itself through prolotherapy without ever having to sit on an operating table. Prolotherapy is a concept that has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Doctors.

But the revolution doesn’t just stop it prolotherapy for Dr. Chad Edwards. He has a huge heart and a genuine sense of caring for his patients. He is absolutely dedicated to treating the root cause of the health issues that each patient hats. It’s not just about giving you medication and send in your home. We just don’t treat the symptoms. We find out exactly what’s causing those health issues and that chronic pain so that we can fix the bigger problem. Through natural substances and natural concepts Dr. Chad Edwards gives you the means to dramatically improve your health in a natural way. We have your best interest in mind and we get you on the right track to be healthy for many years to come.

The staff is absolutely amazing it Revolution Health. Not only do we provide you treatment for your Tulsa knee pain and other chronic pain but we bring you personable professional assistance every time he walked to the door. We answer all of your questions, all of your concerns and make sure that you have the best possible experience in Tulsa Oklahoma. When you come in you’re not just the patient. You are a family member and it Revolution Health we provide you with the family tree. You are the number one priority when you step into our office. Our number one goal is to make sure you have the best treatment and prolotherapy for your chronic pain. We make sure to provide you with options and treatment that is most cost effective. That is why we also offer membership opportunities so that you can be healthy, happy and never have to compromise your everyday budget.

We provide personal treatment and prolotherapy it Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma. We provide you with the top professional medical staff and one of the most professional health professionals in Tulsa Oklahoma. We treat you like a person not like a number. For us it’s not about selling you a bunch of treatments, supplements and medical things that you note need. Is about providing you with the best possible option to get you away from the medicine and on the natural way of living and being healthy. Dr. Chad Edwards truly believe in natural healing and completely present you with the options that you never even knew existed. Nutrition, exercise and optimizing your health. Find out more about how you can eliminate your Tulsa knee pain and other issues online today.

Tulsa Dr. who truly believes in natural healing and provides revolutionary thinking it Revolution Health

Your body was made to heal naturally. It was made to repair and reconstruct itself after injury. Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma has provided and successful results of eliminating chronic pain such as Tulsa knee pain. Dr. Chad Edwards is a graduate of both Oklahoma State University of Medical Sciences and holds a Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma Baptist University. He brings professionalism, knowledge and a revolution that is changing the way people think about health, happiness and life enhancement. If you want a doctor who is committed to providing you with the best possible options for your body and its functionalities then visit us online today. You’ll find more than just a treatment. You’ll find a revolution.

Dr. Chad Edwards is everything that you want in a physician. He’s knowledgeable, professional, friendly, understanding and walk you step-by-step through every treatment and procedure. He want you to feel absolutely confident the moment that you walk into the clinic. Your greeted with a handshake and a warm smile before you sit down with Dr. Edwards. When he looks at you he’s not just looking at the Tulsa knee pain or the other issue. He’s looking at your body as a whole. He believes that when the body is out of sync and its systems are not tied together properly it if affects your health drastically. The goal at Revolution Health is to provide every patient with the way to link all the body systems together and have them work together the way they were made to. Natural, healthy and function.

At Revolution Health we focus on exactly what’s wrong with you. Dr. Chad Edwards is not a doctor who just hands out medication and send you on your way. He wants to find out the root of the problem and give you the option that best enhances your lifestyle and health. He finds the reason that your sick, if you medication but does not rely on the medication. In fact he wants to get you well and then get you to a place to where you are naturally providing health for your body. He spent a lot of time with you listening to the concerns and making sure that we give you the best option possible. It’s not about selling you treatments, medication and other health products that you don’t need. It’s about making sure that all your body functionalities work together and in harmony that you have the best possible healthy habits.

We go over everything from nutrition to exercise to optimize your help in the best way possible. You’ll find absolutely outstanding service, a knowledgeable and professional staff and a doctor who truly cares and believes in natural healing. He wants to completely revolutionize your thinking when it comes to health and the habits that you are creating in your life. Whether it’s prolotherapy, changing the way that you’re eating or providing you with the correct medication Dr. Chad Edwards is committed and dedicated to every one of his patients. We have handled everything from neck pain, Tulsa knee pain, elbow pain and back pain. We have even had a patient who had over 30 years of back pain and after three treatments a polo therapy had eliminated the pain.

Dr. Chad Edwards really takes the time to get to know your situation and takes his time on your treatment. At Revolution health we went provide you with the best possible outcome in the best possible knowledge to increase your health life habits. More information can be found online at our website or simply call us at 918 – 95 – 3636. We are the best place in Tulsa Oklahoma and offering the best nonsurgical alternatives. Find out how you can get better, healthier and completely rid of your chronic pain without sitting or laying on a surgical table. Find out more about Tulsa Revolution Health Dr. Chad Edwards today. We look forward to helping and providing you with the best possible treatment.