Stimulate Yourself

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Stimulate Yourself

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

If you’re looking for process that utilizes the body’s own healing prolotherapy in Tulsa responses choose . There is one such clinic that provides the service of prolotherapy treatment. That one clinic is Revolution Health and Wellness which is owned and directed by Dr. Chad Edwards. He is a board-certified clinician in family medicine. The company Revolution Health and Wellness has been featured numerous times on such news programs as News on 6, News Channel 8, Tulsa World, and 2 News. This clinic has a reputation for being a clinic full of people who care about them as patients. You’re going to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect when you are being seen by Dr. Chad Edwards. To find out how you can obtain some of his prolotherapy services give his clinic a call at 918-935-3636 today.

A great way to get the body to stimulate itself is by introducing methods and proven to work. There is one such method that is proven to work and that is prolotherapy in Tulsa. This prolotherapy treatment isn’t very noninvasive procedure in which you get one small shot that helps the body to stimulate a response to heal itself. This is a great way to go about not having to go through more painful procedures. This could potentially save you a lot of pain in the end. You should at least do your research to find out if this is something that would be beneficial for you.

There is no reason for you to go through your life dealing with pain if you don’t have to. Instead of going through pain why not try prolotherapy Tulsa? There is a great procedure provided by Dr. Chad Edwards and it works a lot. He has numerous testimonials from his previous clients of utilizes prolotherapy service and have gotten excellent results. Dr. Chad Edwards firmly believes in the power of prolotherapy for his customers. However, he will not push prolotherapy on a person if it is not correct for the symptoms.

You can trust the Dr. Chad Edwards is a very honest and integral man. He is all about providing you with a solution to help you get rid of the pain you feel. He truly cares about you as a patient and wants to ensure that he can help you in any way possible. If there is a way for him to help you he will find a way to help you. He will take the time that is required to diagnose everything is going on with you and help you to get free from the pain you feel.

You are in great hands by choosing to utilize prolotherapy services from Dr. Chad Edwards. He offers a multitude of other services that can be helpful to you as well. All you need to do is give them a call and set up a consultation time at 918-935-3636. All of the services that he provides are aimed at actually treating the things that are wrong with you. You can trust the doctor Edwards will make a way to help you if you can. So give them a call today and see if there’s any way he can help you to get rid of that pain that you no longer need to feel.

Free From Pain

This content was written for Revolution Health and Wellness.

If you are hoping to get free from pain why not try prolotherapy in Tulsa services? If you are unfamiliar with prolotherapy and what that is it is in noninvasive injection that causes the body to respond by viewing itself. It is a natural stimuli that occurs inside the body after receiving this treatment. There is one such offers who performs excellent prolotherapy treatments and that is Revolution Health and Wellness. They are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. The medical director and owner is named Dr. Chad Edwards. Prior to becoming a board-certified clinician and family medicine Dr. Chad Edwards earned his Bachelors of Science and Masters at Oklahoma State University. He now faithfully serves the Tulsa community with his functional approach to medicine. If you would like to find out if his prolotherapy treatment would be good for you give them a call today at his office at 918-935-3636.

Why go through life dealing with pain if you didn’t need to? There are so many services out there that are actually trying to help you get free from the pain that you fill. There are also many clinics out there that are pushing medication on you that you don’t actually need. These medications may not be the solution to your problems. Instead why not choose to go through a service like getting prolotherapy in Tulsa from Dr. Chad Edwards? The reason this is such a great idea is that Dr. Chad Edwards is all about trying to get to the bottom of your problem. He wants to provide you with services that can actually help you get better.

On top of providing you with services that can help you get better he provides an affordable rate for his services. He wants to make sure that everybody who wants to get seen by medical professional can. So not only are you getting excellent medical quality care at an affordable price you potentially are getting a services going to help you get free from the pain that you fill in your muscular and skeletal systems. There is a reason why prolotherapy in Tulsa is just starting to catch on.

They once thought of alternative type of medicine is now becoming more accepted. Other clinicians are now starting to see the positive benefits of using a service and treatment like prolotherapy. You would be very wise to do your research and find out exactly how prolotherapy could potentially help you. It may help you dramatically improve in your symptoms. There is no reason for you to go around dealing with the pain and frustration that comes with carrying pain all the time anymore.

Give Dr. Chad Edwards a call at 918-935-3636 to schedule appointment. He would love to discuss with you about why prolotherapy is so great and why he highly recommends it. You will also determine whether or not you are a good candidate for prolotherapy in the first place. You don’t need to worry these going to push service on you that you won’t actually need. Dr. Chad Edwards is a very honest man and he just wants to help you get better as the patient. So whatever that looks like he is willing to do whatever it takes to help you.