Prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma and optimizing your health at Revolution health wellness clinic

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Prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma and optimizing your health at Revolution health wellness clinic

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Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment which stimulates the body’s natural process of healing. It is injected through the body and then provide your body with a way to speed up the natural healing process. This type of treatment has been around since the 1930s and it is still an unknown treatment throughout the United States. But recently prolotherapy has been featured on The Doctors who have brought it to the attentions of millions of Americans in the United States. Revolution health provides a way for you to optimize your health and it still being affordable. We have treated such issues as neck, elbow, and Tulsa knee pain. Step into a new way of thinking and a new way to optimize your health today.

To give you little back story Revolution health was started by Dr. Chad Edwards. He holds a BS in exercise science in sport medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University. He attended medical school and Oklahoma State University College for health sciences. He was also enlisted in the US Army in 1989 and was a medic medicine specialist. Dr. Chet Edwards provide you with all the answers to all of your questions. When you sit down at Revolution health in Tulsa we go over all of your concerns and your questions you have about prolotherapy. We find out if this is the right direction and the right treatment for your Tulsa knee pain or any other pain that you’re experiencing. This is a nonsurgical treatment that simply increases your bodies already natural instinct to heal itself after injury.

At Revolution health we focus on the body as a whole person. Our goal is to optimize your health and get all of the body systems working together in harmony. We focus on the root problems that are causing these pains and Tulsa knee pains. We provide a vast variety of options to optimize the patient’s health and have been step back into a lifestyle that they deserve to live. We just don’t focus on one part. If you’re experiencing Tulsa knee pain we look at all the other parts the body and make sure that everything is functioning properly. We focus on a natural and effective way to optimize your health to provide you with the best possible solution for your chronic pain. We get all the body parts functioning properly and together as a whole system.

When you step into Revolution health wellness clinic we evaluate all of your body systems and determined dysfunctions that might be lingering. Our goal is then to take a natural approach to what the body are ready does and correct it. We inject you with a series of chemicals and nutrition’s that utilizes the body’s power of natural healing. This is a process that is been well received and has been successful on several of our patients. Our testimonials can be found on our website and see what other Tulsa patients have to say about Revolution health wellness clinic. We take you step-by-step and how to not only relieve your Tulsa knee pain but to make a habit of a healthy lifestyle and ultimately keeping your health.

Not only do we specialize in Tulsa knee pain but we also go over food nutrition, pain management, exercise and many others. We encourage you to call us at 918 – 935 – 3636. Whether it’s Tulsa knee pain or another party your body that is just functioning we believe that prolotherapy might be the answer for your Tulsa chronic pain. You’ll receive not only the best possible solution but a well-trained staff and knowledgeable doctor who is interested in creating a revolution your life. Choose prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma and optimize your health a revolution health wellness clinic today. We encourage you get online and watch our testimonials or simply read more about Dr. Chet Edwards and what he can do for you.

Step back into the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about it Revolution health wellness in Tulsa Oklahoma

First off let’s talk about what prolotherapy is. In the simplest of terms prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment that stimulates healing in the body. It works by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and repairs the injured muscle tissue. It works by pushing the body to use its own natural healing mechanisms to repair your joint areas to naturally heal your Tulsa knee pain or other injuries. It Revolution health we take a natural approach to medicine. We focus on helping you increase your health and prevent future diseases and illnesses. We encourage you to step in and find a way to step back in the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about. More information about our services and our company can be found online today at our website.

When you meet Dr. Chad you’ll find that he is not only a knowledgeable and professional but passionate doctor. He believes that America needs a wake-up call when it comes the way that we look at health care. He believes that there is a way to get your body healthy and strong while still being cost effective. He believes that Revolution health is truly the revolution that you’ve been waiting for. He starting with the city of Tulsa and spreading this newfound knowledge everywhere he goes. Prolotherapy is a way to relieve your Tulsa knee pain and other chronic pain that you may be experiencing. If there’s one person who cares about bringing you back to a healthy lifestyle and developing healthy habits your life it’s going to be Dr. Chad Edwards.

It Revolution health we focus on you as a whole person. If you come in with Tulsa knee pain we want to relieve you of this pain but we also focus on your body systems at a whole. Our number one goal is to make sure that the systems and the natural body functions are operating harmony. We don’t only relieve you of your Tulsa knee pain but we provide a way to eliminate the root of the medical issues that are being cost. Most the time when you go to a doctor they treat the single injury or problem. The problem is really do they ever address the root cause of the problem. It Revolution health we go deeper and make sure that you walk out of here 95% better than when you came. We optimize your health and optimize all the body systems together.

We provide a way for Tulsa people to step back into a healthy lifestyle while never compromising quality and providing affordability. We just don’t go over the pain that you’re experiencing. We talked about nutrition, lifestyle, healthy habits, foods and supplements. We go over every single treatment and option to make sure you’re getting the best and putting the best inside your body. We just don’t want to fix your one-time problem. We went them optimize your health so that you stay strong and healthy for many years to come. Our goal is not to keep you buying more medications. Our goal is to raise you up to level of health and then we can eliminate the medications. We then focus on the natural things that you can do to remain healthy for the rest your life.

Dr. Chad Edwards practices in Tulsa Oklahoma. He provides resolve to many chronic pains including Tulsa knee pain, neck pains, and elbow pains along with many others. His primary goal is to get you healthy and strong through all of the available means including nutrition, exercise, medications, and any others deemed appropriate. Your health is important as it Revolution health wellness in Tulsa Oklahoma. Help us relieve your Tulsa knee pain or any other injury that you have experienced. The time for pain is over. The time to step into a revolution has begun and begins right here revolution health in Tulsa Oklahoma with Dr. Chad Edwards.