Optimizing your health in a revolutionary way it Revolution Health Wellness Clinic with Dr. Chad Edwards

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Optimizing your health in a revolutionary way it Revolution Health Wellness Clinic with Dr. Chad Edwards

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Do you live in Tulsa? Do you have chronic pain? Are you looking for the best nonsurgical alternative? If you you answered yes to any of these questions that we have a revolutionary thought that addendum below you out of the water. Dr. Chad Edwards who is a former drill Sgt. and served in the U.S. Army as a medic and preventive medical specialists, brings you prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma. He attended Oklahoma Baptist University and Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. He also completed a residency at Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina. His commitment, his dedication and his passion for bringing health to patients with chronic pain is absolutely revolutionary. Find out more about Dr. Chad Edwards at his website at https://www.revolutionhealth.org.

Dr. Chad Edwards specializes in prolotherapy which is the process of injecting the body with a syringe and stimulating the body’s natural process of healing itself. Prolotherapy speeds up the natural healing process of your body when it’s going too slow. It is provided tremendous results for athletes and other patients who have more than 30 years of chronic pain in their back, Tulsa knee pain and elbows. His number one goal is to address all of your medical issues with the most cost effective and safest approach available in the industry. His priority is to raise you to a whole new level of health, habit and thinking about your body. He addresses exercise, nutrition and the right ways to get your body working in harmony.

Prolotherapy is been around since the 1930s. It is a very unique way and nonsurgical approach to the way we think about health. Treatments can take from 10 minutes to an hour or longer. One of the most unique things about prolotherapy is that it actually encourages movement during the prolotherapy treatments. The movement actually helps the body’s healing process along after the prolotherapy treatment has already taken place. It is a completely Revolution to the way we think about healthcare and health treatment. Fortunate for everyone in Tulsa and having Tulsa knee pain Dr. Chad Edwards is here to answer all of your questions.

Dr. Chad Edwards is passionate and ready to share the key components to have you back on track and eliminate your Tulsa knee pain. He not only wants to address your current injury. But he wants to address the core and the root causes of what is causing these injuries. He want you to be completely free of disease and illness for the rest of your life. He believes that premature death happens because people are not optimizing their health correctly and are not focusing on the core components that make that health possible. He focuses on nutrition, exercise and optimizing your health in the correct manner. When you speak with Dr. Chet Edwards you will be absolutely blown away by his knowledge, his professionalism and his passion for what he’s bringing to Tulsa Oklahoma and your Tulsa knee pain.

For more information about Dr. Chad Edwards, optimizing your health, prolotherapy and other specific questions that you have please visit Revolution Health’s website today. We encourage you to watch our videos, watch our testimonials and find out everything you can to see of prolotherapy is the right direction for you. If other treatments have not worked for you in the past then please give us a call today. This might be the alternative that you’ve been looking for. Don’t risk going to surgery if you do not need. Come and experience prolotherapy and step into the revolution that is not only spreading across Tulsa Oklahoma but across the United States of America. We get to the root of the problem and we have you walking, talking and feeling like a healthy and strong person you need to be.

Revolutionizing your proper healthy lifestyle at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

“My goal is to help people get as healthy as they can be.” This is a direct quote from Dr. Chad Edwards who is the leading physician and medical professional at Revolution Health. He attended Oklahoma Baptist University and holds a BS in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine. He was also a Flight Surgeon and a Dive Medical Officer in the U.S. Army. Dr. Chad Edwards is a passionate, committed and dedicated medical position looking to provide you with the best possible way to optimize your health. His dream and goal is to help people enhance their lifestyle and step up to a level of health that is practically nonexistent in the US today. He focuses on nutrition, exercise and optimizing your health in the right way.

Prolotherapy is a completely Revolution idea that is one of the best nonsurgical alternatives. Interestingly enough prolotherapy has been around and been practiced since the 1930s. It is a unique approach to how to relieve and eliminate pain caused by injuries in the neck, back and even Tulsa knee pain. In fact Dr. Chad Edwards has had patients who have experienced 30 years of chronic pain before using prolotherapy. They are now well, active and are in a state of being that is completely amazing compared to when they were in pain. Prolotherapy is safe, affordable and can provided for you at Revolution Health by Dr. Chad Edwards. Passion and commitment floods through the entire office, staff and to your treatment.

Prolotherapy is the process of stimulating the body to prepare your painful and injured area when the body systems natural healing process is not able to do it on its own. In cases like this surgery, joint replacement and other treatments may not even help. Prolotherapy provides a way for people to get back into the game of life and live the adventure of enjoying the world around. When surgery is not an option prolotherapy is a safe and affordable treatment that can be provided in Tulsa Oklahoma. It is the process of injecting liquid into the body and creates a minor energy to stimulate the body’s natural process of healing itself. It’s a boost to rebuild and eliminate the pain within your body. Treatments can take up to an hour or even 10 minutes.

Dr. Edwards is able to describe medications they are necessary. But our goal is we want our patients to get healthier. This involves more than just taking medication. This involves changing the lifestyle that you are currently living to improve and optimize your health. We do not believe that more medications create healthier people. Depending on the situation we subscribe you medications but when you no longer need them we eliminate them altogether. We then start to focus on the other key components to improve your health. These components include nutrition, exercise and getting to the root problem that is causing illness or disease. It’s true that we eliminate your Tulsa knee pain but we want to keep the pain and the injury from occurring again. We want you to start habits and start improving your health so that you can live a long happy life.

We provide several options including nutrition, exercise, rest, herbals, medication and several other key components to get you back on track. Revolutionizing your proper healthy lifestyle is our number one goal. We went occurred habits in your life the not only allow you to be successful but continue to build your health so that it’s powerful and strong. We believe that our bodies were made to heal and adapt to the world around us. We also believe that we were made to stabilize and maintain that health. Dr. Chad Edwards enables you to take on the habits that you need to live for years and years. We believe that without these habits you can die up free mature death and that is what were trying to avoid. No matter the pain whether it’s Tulsa knee pain or neck pain prolotherapy may be the right choice for you. Call us today at 918 – 935 – 3636.