Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma Prolotherapy | Podcast 4 – Part 6

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Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma Prolotherapy | Podcast 4 – Part 6

Dr. Chad: At the same time, if I didn’t think that what we did was different, I wouldn’t be doing it. I would be in the system and just cranking out patients every 15 minutes.

Brian Wilkes:  Marshall, you’re awfully quiet over there.

Marshall: I’m sorry. Where do need some more feedback?

Brian Wilkes:  Yes, it’s what need. Are you buying this whole get your mojo back?

Marshall:  I think the biggest thing that you guys have talked about is that it addresses more than what the common stigmatized, “This is what testosterone treats.” It treats more than just fatigue. I think that’s huge. A lot of people in the workplace, a log of guys in the workplace, they think they’re fatigued because they’re working long hours. It could be a whole host of other things.

Dr. Chad: That’s right.

Brian Wilkes:  I think for you, you’re a young ‘un as we say in Oklahoma. “He’s a young ‘un.” Chad, you say …

Marshall:  You say that. I don’t.

Brian Wilkes:  … “Young ‘un.” You’re country. You’re country.

Dr. Chad: I don’t say, “Young ‘un.”

Brian Wilkes:  You don’t say, “Young ‘un.” I said, “Young ‘un.”

Dr. Chad:  I do when I’m making fun of you.

Brian Wilkes: No, you’re older than me. That’s good. That’s good. This is a young ‘un over here. I think it’s interesting. I wouldn’t even begin to think a guy like this would be in the category. I’ve always thought 1 of the things you said earlier in the podcast. I’ve always thought this is like once you hit 40. Once you hit 40, go get your stuff checked here. Go get your mojo checked. There’s a couple things that you do when you hit 40. You get the prostate exam and you get your testosterone checked.

Dr. Chad: There you go.

Brian Wilkes: That’s interesting that it’s not related to age. I think that’s 1 of the most unique facts that I got out of this. I think it’s an amazing story that you had a 20 year old that had that that low, almost non-existent. That’s scary low.

Dr. Chad: That’s ridiculous.

Brian Wilkes:  Yeah, that’s ridiculous. How many people out there are on testosterone now? Percentage of males? Do you know?

Dr. Chad: You got to understand I have a selection bias. We do testosterone therapy. We do management. I would say in my clinic …. I can’t give you a percentage, but there’s a pretty high level. In the past, I didn’t know what I was doing with testosterone management. I was 1 of those docs that said, “Just get your injection once a month, or I’ll put you on 1 of the commercially available testosterone replacement gels or creams.” which are just not powerful enough to do …

Brian Wilkes: The job.

Dr. Chad: … what we need to do. They will work. I’ve got patients, they’ll come in and they say, “Androgel didn’t work for me.” It’ll absolutely work. You just need more. Sometimes you need so much more that it’s impractical.

Brian Wilkes: Yeah, it’s like you’re just putting too much on. You’re using too much product, yeah, yeah, yeah. What about hair loss? Does it help hair loss? I’m bald. I’m losing hair.

Dr. Chad: Hair loss can be associated with dihydro testosterone. That’s 1 of the byproducts of testosterone. It’s 1 of the things that we have to watch. You can actually, in some cases, accelerate hair loss.

Brian Wilkes:  Really?

Dr. Chad: Yeah.

Brian Wilkes: That’s what they say with steroids, is people lose their hair. They get acne. They lose their hair, all that good stuff. It’s worth it though. It’s worth it. Are we going to have a whole podcast on hair loss?

Dr. Chad:  We certainly can.

Brian Wilkes:  How many bald men are walking around? A lot. It’s almost half the population. You should get on that.

Dr. Chad:  Half? Half?

Brian Wilkes:  Yeah, it’s a lot have receding hair lines. Maybe like yours. Maybe like yours. You have a little bit of receding hair line. All right. Good, good topic. We’re at the end. I don’t know if we need some serious edits here. We got some music on the way out. Thank you, Chad.

Dr. Chad: Thank you, Brian.

Brian Wilkes: Yup. See you next time.

Speaker 1:  Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast with Dr. Chad Edwards. Tune in next week where we’ll be going against the grain.