Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma Prolotherapy | Podcast 4 – Part 1

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Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma Prolotherapy | Podcast 4 – Part 1

Dr. Chad: This is Dr. Chad Edwards. You are listening to podcast number 4 of Against the Grain.

Speaker 1: Welcome to Against the Grain podcast with Dr. Chad Edwards where he challenges the status quo when it comes to medicine. We get into hot topics in the medical field with real stories from real patients to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Get ready. We’re about to go against the grain.

Brian Wilkes: This is [Brian Wilkes 00:00:25] here, along with my good friend and real doctor, Dr. Chad Edwards.

Dr. Chad:  Hello, Brian.

Brian Wilkes:  I am so giddy about this topic that we’re talking about today.

Dr. Chad: This is good stuff.

Brian Wilkes:  Oh my gosh. You ever watch the movie Austin Powers?

Dr. Chad:  Well, of course.

Brian Wilkes:  Stole my mojo, remember that?

Dr. Chad:  Of course.

Brian Wilkes:  Isn’t it the mojo?

Dr. Chad: Of course.

Brian Wilkes: Is it the mojo?

Dr. Chad:   Yeah.

Brian Wilkes:  The topic today is have you lost your mojo?

Dr. Chad:   That’s right.

Brian Wilkes: Have you?

Dr. Chad: No.

Brian Wilkes: No.

Dr. Chad: I got it back.

Brian Wilkes: At some point in a man’s life, you lose your mojo. The question is is do you get that mojo back? That’s what you got to find out.

Dr. Chad: That’s what we are going to talk about today.

Brian Wilkes: I love it, I love it, love it. It’s around testosterone, it’s around lifting weights. It’s like pumping iron. It’s just a great man show.

Dr. Chad:   We’re here to pump …

Brian Wilkes: … you up.

Dr. Chad:   … you up.

Brian Wilkes: I love it. That’s not … that’s ….

Dr. Chad:  That’s cheesy.

Brian Wilkes: I don’t even know if any listener is as old as we are. People our age don’t listen to podcasts. Maybe they do. Maybe. Yeah?

Dr. Chad:  I think so.

Brian Wilkes:   Yeah, Marshall’s 25. That’s probably his category, though of podcasters out there. Maybe. I don’t know the statistic on it. Let’s talk about a sponsor today. I’m quite sure our sponsors will be proud to be associated with us today on this awesome topic, Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic.

Dr. Chad:   Yup, that’s us.

Brian Wilkes: That’s you.

Dr. Chad:  If you’re tired, fatigued, pain, all of those kinds of things, then you need to come see us.

Brian Wilkes: Mojo? You need your mojo?

Dr. Chad: Yeah, we do that.

Brian Wilkes:  Give us your number for the mojo.

Dr. Chad:   918-935-3636, or visit our Web site at

Brian Wilkes:  Go and get your mojo. Upper Cervical Health Centers. We talk about these guys every time. They’re good stuff.

Dr. Chad: Yeah, but they’re that good.

Brian Wilkes: They’re that good?

Dr. Chad: Yeah. They’re not typical.

Brian Wilkes: They’re not typical.

Dr. Chad:   They are a chiropractic clinic. Very different. They don’t snap, crackle, and pop. They are looking at optimal health and the alignment of the spine and how it inter plays. It’s a very comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal systems and optimizing your health. It’s pretty cool.

Brian Wilkes:  God you say that so well.

Dr. Chad: I practiced.

Brian Wilkes: Obviously those folks have not lost their mojo.

Dr. Chad:  That’s correct.

Brian Wilkes:    Let’s get right to it.

Dr. Chad: We need to give them their phone number …

Brian Wilkes: Oh yeah, the phone number. Got you.

Dr. Chad:  … and Web site.

Brian Wilkes: Yeah, you’re so much better. You should just run the whole show.

Dr. Chad:  Then call them at 918-742-2300, or go to their Web site at, That’s N-E-W Y-O-U.

Brian Wilkes:  You’re so pro, man. You’re so pro. Let’s talk about the hot topic …

Dr. Chad:   That’s how I roll.

Brian Wilkes:   … today.

Speaker 1: Hot topic.

Brian Wilkes: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Speaker 1:  That’s good stuff.

Brian Wilkes:   The hot topic today is the mojo equals testosterone.

Dr. Chad:  It’s a really, really, really common problem. It’s one of those topics that has a lot of negative press. You see those commercials on TV and they say, “If you’ve taken testosterone and a heart attack, then call us. We’ll sue and get millions and millions of dollars.”

These studies come out that show that there’s problems with testosterone and all those kinds of things. There may be some validity to that, but for the most part, there’s really good evidence behind having higher levels of testosterone. It’s one of those things that just needs to be managed.

There’s all these testosterone clinics. They’re popping up all over the place. They’re in vogue, but fatigue, low sex drive, being worn out, all these different things are so common today. I see a lot of it in our vets. My heart’s with military and dealing with veterans. The number of guys coming back home whether or not they have PTSD, low testosterone is incredibly common.

Brian Wilkes:   Let’s talk about what it is. That may seem like a stupid question. What is it? What causes those levels to go up and down? What is it in your body?

Dr. Chad: Yeah, in going back and …

Brian Wilkes:  Don’t get too specific, or personal.

Dr. Chad: I got you. I got you. Going back to that functional medicine approach, the question is why. Why is testosterone low? Let’s talk a little bit about testosterone itself.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone. What we mean by steroid hormone, it’s the structure. It’s not like, “I’m on steroids.” You might be, but there’s different kinds of steroids. There’s prednisone and things like that that work 1 way. Testosterone is both what we call anabolic and androgenic.

Androgenic means it contributes to male factors. It contributes to facial and body hair. There’s several things like that that testosterone is related to. Acne, and it plays a role with some of that stuff.

It’s very important for a lot of those kinds of things. It also plays with mental function. In other words like this brain fogginess. I will actually go ahead and tell a story.