Replenish And Renew You

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Replenish And Renew You

This content was written for Revolution Health.

If you’re looking for a solution replenish and renew you you should definitely look into Oklahoma City prolotherapy treatment. This wonderful and remarkable type of treatment is administered by Dr. Chad Edwards of Revolution health and wellness. He has been featured on such platforms as Tulsa World, News Channel 8, 2 News Works for You, 6 Channel News, KRMG, and News Channel 9. He is respected as a physician for his holistic approach that he takes towards his patients. He is a certified physician through the Oklahoma Board of medicine. He is an excellent choice as a physician for anyone requiring professional hands-on treatment give them a call today to set up an appointment at 918-935-3636. He would love to speak with you of our services can help you.

You’re probably not familiar with what exactly prolotherapy is well it is a procedure that is done which is quite unique in that it is a procedure that helps the body to heal itself. It is specifically a nonsurgical noninvasive alternative for going through with back pain and herniated disc. Instead of having to go under the knife this procedure aims to help relieve your symptoms of low back pain through noninvasive methods.

It is through the expertise of Dr. Edwards and his Oklahoma City prolotherapy treatment trials that he is performed numerous time and had excellent results people suffering from pain in their back. He was able to successfully relieve many of the problems that they suffer from and you can to. It doesn’t matter if you have pain in low back and someone’s told you that it’s because you have something weird going on in your disk or anything like that chances are prolotherapy can help.

One of the great things about this Oklahoma City prolotherapy treatment is that it can help to alleviate a lot of the symptoms that you have from herniated disc or lower back injury. This is all without you having to go under the knife and go through surgery that’s going to require you to take time off from work and be in a bunch of pain from the surgery you just went through. It’s a really scary thing to think about someone taking a scalpel and then cutting close to your back or slicing into your spinal cord itself.

With the surgery you don’t need to worry about that because it’s all noninvasive. This means you’re going to get great relief from your back pain and at the same time you’re going to be able to go right back to work in right back into your regular life. It’s a win-win situation for you and it’s a win-win situation for your family and your employer. It’s an all-around good situation with everything. You can reach Dr. Chad Edwards at 918-935-3636 to discuss how prolotherapy can assist to alleviate your low back pain. Call he would love to discuss how he can help.

A New And Holistic Approach To Back Pain

This content was written for Revolution Health.

Do you suffer with back pain and you’re looking for some sort of solution without having to go through surgery to repair it? Then Oklahoma City prolotherapy treatment may be an excellent option for you. Dr. Chad Edwards of Revolution Health and Wellness is a provider of a noninvasive type of treatment that is been proven to help with those who suffer with low back pain caused from herniated disc or other types of injuries. He takes more of a holistic approach in the way he deals with his customers and it shown to be effective. He has been featured on such news programs as 9 News, News on 6, Channel 2 News, and News Channel 8. He is a highly sought after physician who is been certified as a physician from Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. Give him a call today at Revolution Health and Wellness by calling 918-935-3636 in scheduling an appointment today.

If you suffer with low back pain and you’ve gotten used to dealing with it, but it still nags you all the time, then do something about it. You don’t have to do something about it as and go to the doctor and have your spine operated on. You know that’s going to take time out of your schedule because you have to take time off from work and then go through the rehabilitation process which is not fun to think about at all. However, there is a solution that may help you it is Oklahoma City prolotherapy treatment.

This groundbreaking and revolutionary treatment through holistic medicine Oklahoma City prolotherapy helps to perform a unique procedure through the services of Dr. Chad Edwards in which you do not need to worry about being performed on surgically, but it’s been shown extremely effective in helping patients who suffer with low back pain after going through a few treatments to be highly effective.

This is a great alternative to having to potentially go to a doctor and find out that you’re going to have your spine cut into by a doctor who offers no guarantee that there’s not going to be any lasting residual effects from the surgery. It’s better to at least explore your options through noninvasive means such as prolotherapy provided by Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness.

Dr. Edwards is a proven professional and he is highly sought after from customers who are looking to examine the potential of noninvasive surgeries to help them with low back pain. Instead of going under the knife there is always the alternative the Dr. Edwards can help to assist you with prolotherapy, but you have to give them a call at 918-935-3636 and schedule an appointment to find out if this is an option for you are not. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to at least check and see. Why not give him a call today?