Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma City Prolotherapy| Podcast 9 – Part 1

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Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma City Prolotherapy| Podcast 9 – Part 1

Dr Chad Edwards: This is Dr. Chad Edwards and you are listening to podcast number 9 of Against the Grain.

Speaker 2: Welcome to Against the Grain podcast with Dr. Chad Edwards where he challenges the status quo when it comes to medicine. We get into hot topics in the medical field with real stories from real patients to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Get ready because we are about to go, go Against the Grain.

Brian Wilkes: What an intro! This is Brian Wilkes here with the number 1 Dr. Chad Edwards.

Dr Chad Edwards: How are you today Brian?

Brian Wilkes: Good, America’s doctor. That’s what I’m going to start calling you.

Dr Chad Edwards: I love it.

Brian Wilkes:  America’s doctor, you like it?

Dr Chad Edwards: I do, like Captain America?

Brian Wilkes: Yeah, I like it. Hey, I got a story for you.

Dr Chad Edwards: Okay.

Brian Wilkes: This will introduce and then we’ll go right into what pays the bills around here right?

Dr Chad Edwards: Okay.

Brian Wilkes:  It’s a [inaudible 00:00:46] topic. When I was a boy my mom wore a mood ring. When she was in a good mood it turned blue, when she was in a bad mood it left a big red mark on my forehead.

Dr Chad Edwards:  I love it.

Brian Wilkes:  Today we’re going to talk about the thyroid, particularly the moms out there. What could be causing me other than the sloppy husband and the bad kids and all the other stuff a mom has to deal with in a given day, what could be causing me to have such low energy and to be so upset?

Dr Chad Edwards: Obviously thyroid is way up on the list and we’re going to be getting into some stuff with thyroid and how we commonly address thyroid and how we try to help that in traditional medicine and then how I kind of disagree with some of that.

Brian Wilkes: Bingo, let’s do it. Let’s talk about revolution health and wellness clinic.

Dr Chad Edwards: Am I doing that or are you?

Brian Wilkes:  You’re doing it.

Dr Chad Edwards:   Okay, revolution health and wellness clinic, if you’re tired and fatigued, if you have musculoskeletal problems, low back pain, knee pain, sports injuries, neck pain, any of those kinds of things, come see us. We do prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy. We do some amazing regenerative injection techniques to try and get you back to peak performance without pain. Give us a call at 918-935-3636 or visit us on our website at

Brian Wilkes:   It’s not bad for a doctor.

Dr Chad Edwards: Thanks.

Brian Wilkes: I didn’t think you guys could do that.

Dr Chad Edwards: I stayed up all night practicing.

Brian Wilkes: In the mirror. This is radio though or a podcast.

Dr Chad Edwards:  Yeah.

Brian Wilkes:  Upper cervical health centers, upper cervical health centers is not your typical chiropractic office, different in that they never jerk, twist, snap or crack your spine. How many times have you been to a chiropractor? Or you don’t feel better when you walk out? It feels like they’ve broken something, not these folks. That’s what’s good about them right?

Dr Chad Edwards: Yeah and they look at a holistic-

Brian Wilkes:  Yeah.

Dr Chad Edwards: From top down, looking at overall health. They do some amazing things.

Brian Wilkes: Good people over there, 918-742-2300 or you can visit their website at Chad, let’s talk about the thyroid. What is it and where did it come from?

Dr Chad Edwards:  It came from your mom and that’s not really a ‘your mom’ joke, although maybe now it is.

Brian Wilkes:  Now I’m convinced doctors can’t do plugs and they can’t do jokes so let’s just-

Dr Chad Edwards: Can’t?

Brian Wilkes:  Can’t. I would say most doctors are not funny.

Dr Chad Edwards:  Challenge accepted.

Brian Wilkes:    Challenge accepted.

Dr Chad Edwards: All right, thyroid. This is a gland that lives in your in your neck. It kicks out a series of hormones. T4, T3, T2, T1. There’s a couple of other hormones that it will play with. When we talk about thyroid and the thyroid hormones, you have thyroid hormone receptors in virtually every cell in your body. These thyroid hormones go inside the cell and cause a whole host of changes that are basically the gas pedal for your metabolism.

When you don’t have adequate thyroid hormone then you can feel fatigued, you can feel weak and draggy in all of these kinds of things. The way I was taught to evaluate the thyroid in medical school, so this patient comes in to see us we think, “Okay, this patient has a thyroid problem. Let’s check a TSH.”

TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone. We’re taught that all we need- this is what I was taught anyway, all we need is a TSH and we can manage your thyroid from there. If your TSH is high that means your thyroid function is actually low and we’ll talk about why. If your TSH is low it means your thyroid activity or your thyroid hormones are actually too high so it’s opposite.

Brian Wilkes:  Is the thyroid in the goiter? Have you heard of the goiter?

Dr Chad Edwards: The goiter is a thyroid condition.

Brian Wilkes:  I got you.

Dr Chad Edwards:  A goiter is an enlarged thyroid.

Brian Wilkes:  Okay.

Dr Chad Edwards: Usually because of iodine deficiency. Stuff just gets trapped in there and can’t get out. You give them iodine. We used to see that way, way back. We still it some, not much. The goiter affects the thyroid and that’s when you see this big necks because the thyroid gland is so enlarged. The thyroid stimulating hormone, it comes out from the brain so it’s actually a brain hormone. It’s not a thyroid hormone.