Treatment for Low Back Pain Tulsa

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Treatment for Low Back Pain Tulsa

This content was written for Revolution Health

Are you looking for low back pain Tulsa treatments? Have you been suffering from low back pain for far too long and want to find a solution? Are you sick and tired of having to put up with low back pain and not having any relief? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you want to call Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness. You can schedule your appointment and consultation by calling 918-935-3636.

It doesn’t make any sense for you to struggle and suffer from low back pain Tulsa any longer. Dr. Edwards will be able to figure out exactly what is going on come up with a rehab protocol to fix it. This is one of his specialties. He is able to look at musculoskeletal issues such as low back pain and come up with the treatment program that can help rehab it back to new.  This was part of the training osteopathic training that he received. Unlike allopathic doctors, osteopathic doctors go through manipulation and musculoskeletal training.

Dr. Edwards approaches all treatments and ailments with a holistic approach. He believes that a holistic approach to the human body is the most efficient and effective way to treat it. Most of the time the symptom is not the actual cause of the issue. The symptom is quite simply a symptom of something much larger. It is important to use a holistic approach so that the symptom is remedied by fixing the actual illness or problem. It doesn’t make any sense to cover up the symptom with a medication if there is a larger underlying issue at hand. This is exactly what osteopathic physicians are trained to do.

Dr. Edwards uses approaches that utilize treatment protocols such as nutrition, exercise, rest, herbals, medications, acupuncture, chiropractic, and anything else that he feels is appropriate in treating the entire human body. This is no different when it comes to low back pain Tulsa issues and treatments. There are multiple different reasons that low back pain could be rearing its ugly head. One of those could quite simply be somebody is not active and overweight. If you increase their activity and reduce their weight many times, the low back pain is going to disappear. When it comes to treating the human body for any illness or ailment, you want to take a holistic approach. This is what Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness believes.

If you want to start seeing a doctor who cares about you as an entire human being, then you want to give Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness a call. He understands that underlying issues are what cause the symptoms that we see. He will go to work treating your entire person and remedy the real issue. This, in turn, will get rid of any symptoms that you are experiencing. Give Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness a call to schedule your consultation by dialing 918-935-3636 today.