Live your life healthier, stronger and better than ever before at Revolution Health Tulsa

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Live your life healthier, stronger and better than ever before at Revolution Health Tulsa

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Dr. Chad Edwards is the founder and the owner of Revolution Health and Wellness in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is been providing knowledge, information and the key components to optimizing health for over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor in Science for Exercise Science and Sport Medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University will also attending Medical School at OSU. He served in the U.S. Army in 1989 as a medic medicine specialists. He is also board-certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. His specialty is sports medicine and health and wellness. His number one goal is to make sure that the dreams of his patients and his clients come true by achieving the ultimate health and their lives and continue to walk in that health for years to come. Live your life healthier, stronger and better than ever before. Give us a call 918 – 935 – 3636.

No matter your athlete, a stay-at-home mom, a basketball coach, a teenager, or over six years old, if you’re experiencing any type of chronic pain then Dr. Chad Edwards wants to provide you with the correct treatment. The moment you walk in the Revolution Health you’ll know that were different. You’ll see that we take the time to speak with you, get to know you and connect with you on a personal level while also determining what is the best possible treatment for your situation. Our goal is not to hand you a pile of medication but to teach you and provide you with the ways to truly optimize your health so that you can prevent disease and injury in the future. We go over nutrition, exercise, and the correct amount of rest so that you can live healthier, stronger and better lifestyle.

When we talk about chronic pain were talking about a pain that is lasted for a very long time. Chronic pain consist of irritation and pain that is lasted for over six months. Many athletes experience chronic pain after a sports injury by either playing or pushing themselves too hard on the field or at the gym. For most athletes once this happens the door of playing and achieving their athletic dreams simply closes. The options of dwindled down to nothing and surgery may be the only option. At Revolution Health we want to announce that there is another opportunity to retrieve and eliminate your chronic pain. We provide one of the top Tulsa knee pain treatments along with other chronic pain. It is called prolotherapy and we can tell you from personal experience that it works.

Prolotherapy is actually been around for nearly 8 decades and has the support of the Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic. The process is fairly simple, safe and more importantly affordable. The process consist of injecting liquid generally consisting of nutrients and chemicals into the specific area where the chronic pain is taking place. It focuses on the Tulsa knee pain and injects the solution into the body. This then stimulate your body to heal itself. It’s aware of the irritation that is coming from the specific area and focuses its healing mechanism on that spot. We’ve had patients who have had two, three, four treatments and have walked away better every time. For more about our testimonials we encourage you to go online to find out if prolotherapy is the right choice for you.

We understand that you may have concerns and questions about prolotherapy. We understand this and we are ready to answer your questions. Dr. Chad Edwards does not simply want you to believe everything that he says. He wants you to ask questions and bring up your concerns so that he can provide confidence in you that the treatment is for you. He takes his time speaking with his patients and especially takes his time when performing the Tulsa knee pain treatment. He wants you to not only solve one problem but solve several problems concerning your health. Optimize your health and stay away from disease, illness and future injuries. That is why Revolution Health is here. That is what the Revolution is all about.

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Best Quality Tulsa Knee Pain Treatment in Tulsa

This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Revolution Health provides the best Tulsa knee pain treatment seen in the city. Revolution health was founded by Dr. Chad Edwards who graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University where he holds a Bachelor in Science in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine. He is also very active in several martial arts styles and holds high rankings in several. He understands how important it is for an athlete to be active and also the injuries that can be cause by being so does. That is why he provides a top quality treatment that not only addresses Tulsa knee pain but other chronic pain that many people may be experiencing. If you are completely out of options for treating your chronic pain the perhaps it’s time for you to give Revolution Health call today. Our number is 918 – 935 – 3636.

Revolution Health provides a wellness clinic within atmosphere of comfort and professionalism. The moment you walk into our clinic we want you to feel confident and secure knowing that this is the right choice for you. When you down with Dr. Chad Edwards he doesn’t move you in and move you out as quickly as possible. He talked with you and takes his time answering your questions about the Tulsa knee pain treatment. He wants to provide you with the best possible answers and supply you with the knowledge that was stick with you for the rest of your life. Although he specializes in athletic and sport injuries that does not mean that a normal person who is suffering from chronic pain cannot come in. We accept anyone who is looking for the best possible Tulsa chronic pain treatment in the city.

One of the ways that we supply top-quality treatment is by means of prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is simply the process of injecting liquid generally filled with nutrients and chemicals that the chosen area. Then easy understand way prolotherapy simply stimulates the body to heal itself. With prolotherapy we can direct the healing mechanisms to the specific area. This is an nonsurgical Tulsa knee pain treatment and has had enormous success with several of our patients including a man over 30 years of chronic back pain. This has had tremendous success throughout the nation especially with injured athletes. The treatment has been featured in the Washington Post, the hit medical TV show The Doctors and it is supported by the Harvard Medical School.

Revolution Health not only provides top-quality Tulsa knee pain treatment but we go over and beyond that. Our number one goal is to provide you with the information and the ability to optimize your health drastically. Dr. Chad Edwards not only wants take away your chronic pain but provides you with the natural ability to enhance your lifestyle and have absolutely awesome health. He does this through the means of nutrition, exercise and supplying you with the correct amount of rest. He wants take control of your life and you have slowly focused on being healthy, happy and completely committed to revolutionizing the way you think about your health. Find out more information online today.

We encourage you to go online to find up more about Dr. Chad Edwards, read our testimonials and learn more about prolotherapy. You receive top-quality professional service and top-quality customer service at Revolution Health and Wellness. Live the life that you always dreamed and live a long happy healthy life with the right tools and the correct knowledge. You no longer have to live with chronic pain and you no longer have to be subject to disease, illness and injury. You can completely change the direction of your health and your life today at Revolution. Joined the revolution and revolutionize your life in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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