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Jenks Bioidentical Hormones | are you looking for bioidentical hormones in Jenks?

If you do look for Jenks Bioidentical Hormones will deftly want to check out the company Revolution Health & Wellness. Want to make sure that we take a holistic approach with every single person that comes in a make sure that they leave healthier than they came in. A lot of people like utilize Western medications to be able to solve symptoms instead of the actual problems of their body is having. We realize that you cannot introduce a separate chemical into the body without messing up something else later on down the line. Holistic approach means that we are going to make sure that whenever we fix your body it’s gonna be an all-natural when we don’t cause problems in the future. We want to make sure that your body has a chance to heal itself or not can have future problems. Every come to Revolution Health & Wellness you’ll be old to see that online all the five-star views and testimonies that we receive are completely real and it can be the same exact thing for you and your family as well.

When you find Jenks Bioidentical Hormones at Revolution Health & Wellness you’re going to see that we are able to help so many people out. Everything we do is completely natural and Dr. Chad Edwards is an osteopathic physician meaning his primary approach is going to be focused on functional medicine instead of using westernized medication. He tries to achieve optical health by promoting exercise nutrition rest acupuncture chiropractic and any other healthy measure to his clients instead of medications. Dr. Chad Edwards is very well known for being able to take care of people without using medications that hinder them over the long run.

Jenks Bioidentical Hormones are hard to find it a really good company that’ll take care of you. However, Revolution Health & Wellness is absolutely the place to go to make sure that you’re taking care of. We have many things such as prolotherapy that helps treat musculoskeletal pain. Whenever we use prolotherapy is the process of introducing chemicals that your body naturally’s is the heal itself all at one time to shock your body into killing itself immediately. We also use things such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women who are suffering from chemical imbalance from outside chemicals being put in their body such as birth control and having problems. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help women get their lives back in line feeling healthy again all matter of weeks.

Whenever you come to Revolution Health & Wellness you know that you’re gonna be taken care of in the most healthy way possible. There’s nothing that can stop you from being completely healthy whenever you come to Revolution Health & Wellness. We have amazing things such as labs to make sure that your bodies function correctly by checking your hair urine and saliva for tests. We also can check for any nutritional imbalances and do an IV nutritional therapies by injecting specific nutrients into your body to help you.

If you’d like to visit our company’s website you can go to or you can give us a phone call it (918) 935-3636 to set up an appointment.