Healthy, happy and prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma with Revolution health

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Healthy, happy and prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma with Revolution health

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Revolution health cares about our patients. We care about providing new ways and tools to give you the healthy lifestyle that you deserve. Although we believe in medications we do not rely on them. We subscribe you medications when it’s necessary and we work on optimizing your health so that it improves. Once your health is at full improvement been we remove the medications. We then focus on the nutrition of value and the exercise element to keep your body healthy and free of disease or illness. We provide the best of both worlds in both medication and natural ways of improving your body. To find out more about prolotherapy and Revolution health please visit us online today. We look forward to hearing and seeing you.

The question is what is prolotherapy exactly? Prolotherapy is the process of injecting liquid into the body. The idea behind prolotherapy is to create a minor energy to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. It is a procedure that is being performed by a number of physicians and has been featured on the hit show The Doctors. It is a process that is been around since the 1930s and is being exercised right here at Revolution health wellness clinic in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dr. Chet Edwards believes that prolotherapy is the way to provide a healthy alternative to otherwise surgical procedures. As prolotherapy for everyone? No. But when you come see Dr. Chad Edwards he can advise and answer all your questions to find out if prolotherapy is the right direction for you.

The goal of Dr. Chad Edwards is not to just rid you of your chronic pain or Tulsa knee pain. It’s too bring your body back to a level of improvement and then take you off medication for good. He then trains and gives you the tools necessary to live out a healthy and happy lifestyle. He provide you information about exercise, nutrition and several other key components that will keep your body functioning properly. He believes in optimizing your health so that you don’t half to die prematurely because there were other problems at the root of your injuries. We provide you with the key components to make sure that all of the body systems are working together and in harmony the way they should. He’s goal is to have all your body systems healthy and strong.

At Revolution health were not just trying to sell you. We want to provide you with the means and components for you to be healthy. We also want you to feel comfortable and confident in the professional staff that’s provided for you the moment that you walk in. When you call we encourage you to ask any and all questions you have about prolotherapy treatment. If you have concerns about whether this is going to be the right direction for your Tulsa knee pain please express your concern to us. Dr. Chad Edwards is here to answer your questions and provide you with the information that you need to feel secure and confident and prolotherapy treatment Tulsa Oklahoma. Our goal is to have you happy, healthy and completely confident in Dr. Chad Edwards.

Prolotherapy is a very affordable and very safe option that allows every patient experience Tulsa knee pain or any other injury to keep working and exercising even during the recovery process. Every process can take up to 10 minutes to an hour or more depending on the treatment that is given. For more information about prolotherapy, patients of Dr. Chad Edwards, information about Revolution health please visit us online or give us a call today at 918 – 935 – 3636. We want you to be absolutely confident that Revolution health is the right place to optimize your health today and relieve you of any pain including Tulsa knee pain. Call today for more information and join the revolution with us.


An easy, affordable and revolutionary way to optimize your health in Tulsa Oklahoma

Revolution Health Wellness Clinic is the proud home of Dr. Chad Edwards. Dr. Chad Edwards is a medical physician who holds a BS in exercise science in sport medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University. He also attended Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. He is also a board certified in family medicine. Not only does Dr. Chad Edwards have the professionalism and the interaction that you’re looking for the patient but he is one of the most passionate people that you’ll ever meet. He strongly believes that prolotherapy is a way to optimize health and bring back the life that you might have deemed lost forever. His number one goal for every patient and client is to help achieve their dreams a feeling healthy and strong.

We know what you’re thinking. What exactly is prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is the very unique process of injecting liquid into the painful area of the body. It stimulates the natural healing process of your body. It allows the body to focus on that particular area and relieve you of the pain that you’re experiencing. For example if you have Tulsa knee pain, the liquid would be injected into the knee and then your body would then begin naturally healing that area much faster than normal. It stimulates your body to repair the painful injury when the body’s natural healing process is unable do the job on his own. It is a true and best nonsurgical alternative for you. Prolotherapy has been around since the 1930s and has been featured on the very popular medical show The Doctors.

The goal of Dr. Chad Edwards and the goal of Revolution Health is to tie all of the body systems together to work properly and in harmony. This means that we focus on the injury or the pain like Tulsa knee pain but we also find the root of the problem so that we can prevent other injuries and diseases. Dr. Chad Edwards is 100% dedicated and committed to delivering you all of the key components to live healthy and happy. We provide medications but our goal is for you to quickly move past that stage and get off of the meds. We then focus on exercising, nutrition and other healthy habits to keep your body functioning properly. He truly wants to optimize your health and the best way possible and the most affordable way possible.

The testimonials say it all. We have several patients who said that Dr. Chet Edwards and Tulsa prolotherapy are giving life back to them. We’ve had patients who have suffered up to 30 years in chronic pain. But just after a few treatments the pain is gone and they are back to that fund lived adventure known as life. Prolotherapy is one of the only treatments that allows movement during the procedures. The movement actually helps along the healing process after prolotherapy. This is a completely revolutionary idea to the medical world. Dr. Chad Edwards has brought that revolution right here to you in Tulsa Oklahoma at Revolution Health Wellness Clinic. He wants the best for his patients and the best for medical awareness in the city of Tulsa Oklahoma.

No matter what it is. No matter if it’s neck pain, back pain or Tulsa knee pain Dr. Chad Edwards has the solution for you. We encourage you to pick up the phone and calls and 918 – 935 – 3636 so that you can have all of your questions answered. We don’t want you to feel the least bit hesitant or unknowing when you step into Revolution Health. We want you to be completely confident and comfortable with our staff and especially with Dr. Chet Edwards. Living a healthy lifestyle has never been more simple and more convenient than right here at Revolution Health. This is an easy, affordable and revolutionary way to optimize your health. To find out more about prolotherapy please visit us online or call us today.