Get Great Tulsa Knee Pain Treatments at Revolution Health

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Get Great Tulsa Knee Pain Treatments at Revolution Health

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Dr. Chad Edwards, the founder of Relovlution Health was featured on Living Well with Dr. Howard Boos. He graduated from both OSU and OBA. He holds at medical degree in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine. He is determined to start a revolution and change the way people think about healthcare in America. He provides a nonsurgical opportunity for those looking for Tulsa knee pain treatment. He provides the knowledge and the information the keep your health optimized. He provide you the ways that you can looking for completely change the way you live, eat and exercise. For more information about Dr. Chad Edwards you can see his interviews online at our website. Step back in good health and wellness into Tulsa.

Our number one goal is to treat how we view health and how we take care of our bodies differently. That is why the staff at Revolution Health is 100% committed to making sure that this happens. We want to make sure that every customer and client walks away with a better understanding of how they can optimize their health and enhance their lifestyle. We provide the tools, the information, the natural supplements and the treatments necessary to help them begin that journey of ultimate health. We take our time with each client and we give them all the time they need to make sure all of their questions are answered and they don’t have any other concerns.

Not only are we allowing our clients is the back into the health and the ultimate wellness but we are also providing them with a nonsurgical treatment for chronic pain. The other experience chronic pain and you have been experience chronic pain we might have the solution for you. It’s called prolotherapy and it’s a nonsurgical chronic pain procedure. We have seen great results from patient and is been the number one choice for cost a knee pain treatment. Prolotherapy is a new way of thinking and a new way of approaching the way that our bodies heal.

But what is prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is a simple method of injecting substance into the body. We target the damaged areas such as the net, the knee, the back or the shoulder. The substance is injected into the damaged area which in causes the body to react due to the irritation. It then uses all of its focus and its natural healing ability to reconstruct the damaged area. Prolotherapy is simply a blinking light to lead the body where it needs to go and begin its natural healing process. Therapy has been around for almost 80 years and has been a great Tulsa knee pain treatment especially for athletes.

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Make sure that you have everything you need step into a whole new level of health and awareness. We read you with a level of professionalism that is been deemed one of the top customer service oriented clinics in the city. Receive the best of the best in both therapy treatment and went in the best of how to optimize your health. We encourage you to stop and can find out more about us. The time to changing your health begins now. Time to change your begins today. For more information give us a call.

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This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Revolution Health is a professional team a medical trained physicians looking to provide you with the best possible solutions to your health problem. One most physicians only focused on one specific treatment and problem. We learn how to tie all body systems together to make them all work together properly. Dr. Chad Edwards is dedicated and committed to bringing the best of the best out of each patient. He wants to completely eliminate the whole of illness, disease and chronic pain that is stopping people from living their ultimate dream of ultimate health. You’re looking for professionalism and the top quality service to you to come to Revolution Health.

At Revolution Health we give you all the time that you need when you set analysis. We believe and didn’t know our patients and connecting with them on a personal level before even suggested a treatment. No treatment is the same and no patient is saying. We will make sure that were giving you the best possible option and keeping you away from the things that you don’t need. Whether it chronic pain or you’re simply looking to find out why were sick all the time Revolution Health can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. We’re known for over delivering and providing the highest quality service and medical treatment to every one of our patients. Change the way you think about healthcare.

If you’re simply looking to optimize your health and rise to a whole new level technique of your body then we can help you. We can provide you with the key components that include right nutrition, proper exercise and proper reduction in stress to make sure that you achieve your goals. No one ever got healthier by taking more and more medication. We understand some extreme circumstances require modern medicine but ultimately we don’t point you to rely on the medication. We once you to rely on the natural substances and supplements. We want to step out and step into a revolution.

We also provide prolotherapy is for those patients of ours who are struggling with chronic pain chronic pain is pain that is been reappearing for over six months. We’ve even have patients coming with chronic pain that lasted up to 30 years. Prolotherapy is annoying surgical treatment in one of the top Tulsa knee pain treatments that we provide. It is a safe, simple and cost-effective chronic pain treatment. Prolotherapy is the number one choice for people whose options have ran out or they are not keen on the idea of having surgery.

Find out more about prolotherapy, Tulsa knee pain treatment and how to properly optimize your health please visit us online today. We also encourage you to give us a call and talked with one of our full-time representatives. We’re here to answer any medical question that you have and address the concerns that you might have about our Tulsa knee pain treatment. We look forward to hearing and speaking with you. If your looking for something different, something is the completely revolutionize the way you think about health and something is going to limiting chronic pain and you need to call Revolution Health.

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