Find the best possible solutions and one of the best Tulsa knee pain treatments at Revolution Health

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Find the best possible solutions and one of the best Tulsa knee pain treatments at Revolution Health

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We understand that life comes fast and sometimes it’s health circumstances arise that were unexpected. At Revolution Health we not only won a limiting those health circumstances but repair your body for when they come again. If you can have your body working together properly, all systems ongoing you can minimize your risk of injury and prevent future disease. Dr. Chad Edwards attend Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences and earned a Bachelor in Science degree from Oklahoma Baptist University. He is a former drill Sgt. and medic specialist for the U.S. Army. That explains where he gets his determination and his drive from. If you decide to come to Revolution Health we guarantee that Dr. Chad Edwards will fight for you.

What Revolution Health provides for you is the chance to understand how your body works. We provide you with the information that will truly rise you up to the ultimate health level. We can help you take them out that you’ve been climbing and falling down from for so long. We can show you proper nutrition value, right amount of exercise and the right amount of rest after each exercise. We can help you achieve a high level of health success will still remain in natural and putting natural things in your body. If you’re tired of masking your symptoms and relying heavily on medication then please give Revolution Health a call today at 918 – 935 – 3636.

Along with providing you withheld information we also have one of the best Tulsa knee pain treatments in the state. It’s called prolotherapy. This is a method that has been used for nearly 80 years and has proven great results especially for athletes. But you don’t want to be an athlete to be suffering from chronic pain. If all the other doors of shot and you’re still not convinced that surgery is the right option then come to Revolution Health today. Prolotherapy may be exactly what you’re looking for and may be the right Tulsa knee pain treatment for you. We specialize in prolotherapy and treatment has been supported by the Harvard Medical School.

The easiest way to explain prolotherapy is this. It simply pushes the body to heal itself. Your body systems are already designed to heal and reconstruct damaged areas. Prolotherapy simply directs the healing process is already inside of you. A solution is injected and the solution irritates the chosen area so that your healing mechanisms rush to immediately. To be absolutely blown away by the results and your results from our Tulsa knee pain treatment. You learn more about prolotherapy online today and even listen to our testimonials to see what prolotherapy did for them. This is a non-surgical treatment and it’s affordable and safe.

Find out more about prolotherapy, Dr. Chad Edwards, Revolution Health and more online today. Find out how you can recover faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible. Believe yourself chronic pain or learn how to optimize your health for the rest your life. We provide you with the necessary information, knowledge, supplements and subsistence that you need to be at your strongest. Revolution Health provides every patient with over-the-top customer service and medical service. Learn more about the clinic or stop by and see us if you have any questions. We are here for you and to answer any concerns you might have about treatment.

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Prolotherapy, Tulsa knee pain treatment, and other health benefits at Revolution Health and Wellness

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To find out more information about our health benefits and our health programs visit us online at or give us a call at 918 – 935 – 3636. Dr. Chad Edwards is dedicated to providing you with the best possible health care and health optimization in the city of Tulsa. Revolution Health includes prolotherapy, Tulsa knee pain treatment and several other health benefits. We won our patients to be the healthiest they’ve ever been and be the best that they can be. No matter what happened in the past, matter what chronic pain you’re experiencing and the matter what’s going on at this very moment it can all change. Visit us at Revolution Health and speak with Dr. Chad Edwards to find out if we can do something for you. I bet we can.

Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a method of injecting solution into the body to stimulate healing. Prolotherapy acts as a guide for your body’s natural mechanisms. It directs the healing mechanisms to the injured area and makes the body aware of the injured place. Prolotherapy is a great alternative for those who are experiencing chronic pain and are not looking to get surgery. It is also good solution to those whose opportunities are simply not there to relieve themselves of chronic pain. That is why prolotherapy is the number one Tulsa knee pain treatment choice.

How it works. Taking a syringe was simply inject the liquid which contains nutrients and chemicals into the area that is injured. The liquid thence causes a small air rotation within the area and the body begins to react. The uses all its focus on repairing and eliminating the irritation that’s caused by the solution. Does it work? We are proud to say that it does. We’ve had several if not dozens of happy patients who have walked away without any pain and any other next, backs, shoulders or Tulsa knee pain. Prolotherapy is a alternative for those not looking to get surgery.

The other health benefits that are supplied at Revolution Health and Wellness is that we provide you with the nutrition value, acquired exercise and the correct amount of rest to make sure they are optimizing your health. We make sure were doing everything we can to tie your body systems together so they are working for you. This is the way that we prevent future injuries, disease and illnesses that may come upon you. We make recommendations concerning natural supplements and nutritional values. When the most important things that you can do to optimize your health is put in the correct stuff in your body feeds upon. The fill stronger, more interjected and absolutely thankful to you chose Revolution Health.

Dr. Chad Edwards strong believes that we are in need of a health and wellness revolution. Here looking to change the way people think about health and ultimately the way they feel on they get up in the morning. Are they tired for no reason? Having trouble with something? Are all the test normal but something just isn’t right? With Dr. Chad Edwards he was to find out exactly what going on and what he can do to resolve it. You won’t be disappointed in the service and the quality when you choose Revolution Health. To learn more about us online.

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