Find the best possible solution for your athletic injury and the best solution for your Tulsa knee pain treatment

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Find the best possible solution for your athletic injury and the best solution for your Tulsa knee pain treatment

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For more information about Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic please call  918 – 935 – 3636. We look forward to hearing your call and answering any questions that you might have. Revolution Health was founded by Dr. Edwards who is a former medic specialist for the U.S. Army and studied sport medicine at Oklahoma Baptist University. He also attended medical school at Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. Dr. Edwards is also an active athlete and actively pursues several styles of martial arts which he has acquired several different rankings. He is a proud athlete and a proud medical physician who is providing a nonsurgical alternative for athletes looking to rid themselves of their chronic pain.

In the middle the game that’s all that matters. Shooting that basket, making that goal, making that tackle, running the track and making the jump. We completely understand that in the game that’s all that matters. We also know that because we push ourselves and push ourselves injuries come about. Tulsa knee pain, shoulder pain, and back pain because we wanted to lift just a little bit more during work out. We understand that athletes push their body and you understand that if you push it too far is sometimes are asked in a negative way. Sometimes injury sneaks up on us and before we know it were looking for Tulsa knee pain treatment. At Revolution Health we want to provide every athlete with a great opportunity.

We have heard several athletes say that their only hope was prolotherapy. They said all the other doors at shut and all the other options were no longer available. They didn’t want to produce patent surgery because it was too expensive or they were afraid that it was in a make it worse. That’s when they came to Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma. They talk to Dr. Edwards who listened, evaluated and recommended the nonsurgical alternative treatment to their chronic pain. This treatment is known as prolotherapy and has been around for the last eight decades. This is what’s change in the life of athletes not only in Oklahoma but all over the United States of America.

Prolotherapy is a fast, easy, safe and affordable chronic pain treatment that is taking the athletic business by storm. It is providing ways for athletes to bring results and repair the their injuries without having to go through surgery or be immobile during the entire time. The fact prolotherapy actually encourages movement after the treatment to get it working and flowing smoothly. Prolotherapy is as simple as injecting a solution into the damaged area and causing the body to heal itself. Prolotherapy is not actually stealing your body. It’s just working together with your body and allowing the natural mechanisms of your body to take place. Prolotherapy is the map to the much needed repair that needs to take place in your injury.

Whether the conflict also knee pain treatment or another type of chronic pain treatment Revolution Health is here to help you. We provide a cost-effective treatment and a safe way for athletes to get back in the game soon as possible. Once we correct the problem we also go through optimizing your health and making sure that you’re getting your body exactly what you need to minimize the risk of injury. We want our athletes strong and the Tulsa knee pain treatment to be the best decision that they ever made. We want them back in the game and they want to be back in the game. Given questions or concerns please feel free to to call us.

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Find the best possible treatment and solution for your athletic injury in Tulsa Oklahoma

This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Who better to treat athlete than a physician who studied sports medicine at Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Edwards is also an active martial artist and athlete in his own right. He enjoys being active and watching other people be active. That is why he specializes in sports medicine and providing resolved to athletes all over the state. He is a former medic specialist for the U.S. Army as well as the drill Sgt. He is also been certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He is a one-of-a-kind doctor and a passionate physician who wants to bring restoration, results and a revolution to all the athletes looking to get back into the game that they love.

We provide one of the best possible solutions and top Tulsa knee pain treatments in the city. Prolotherapy is held dozens of patients not just athletes. The testimonials can be found online at our website and read about prolotherapy for yourself and what it’s done for athletes all over the nation. This is the nonsurgical treatment and opportunity for an athlete to get back in the game in no time at all. Prolotherapy is safe and affordable for those who are not looking to go into surgery. Go find the best possible treatment and solution for your athletic injury at Revolution Health and Wellness.

Prolotherapy has been supported by Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. It is proven to have brought about results in athletes and people who suffered with over 30 years of chronic pain. It is been a great Tulsa knee pain treatment and shoulder knee pain treatment along with many others. Our patients walk out feeling better, refreshed and completely confident that they will be back on the field or the basketball court in no time at all. Prolotherapy is safe and its effective. The staff at Revolution Health has seen it work.

For more information about prolotherapy please go to our website and read all about it. In this article we can address prolotherapy in the simplest and the most effective manner so that you can understand. Prolotherapy is simply injecting the solution into the client or athletes area which is injured. The solution is filled with nutrition and chemicals that will ultimately irritate the injured area. This triggers your body’s healing mechanism and brings resolved to the damaged area. Our bodies were made to heal and made to adapt naturally. This simply triggers that natural instinct to repair and adapt according to the body’s injuries.

We know as an athlete that your eager to get back in the game. Your eager to get back to the gym, exercise, run and play the game is so close to your heart. Dr. Edwards not only provides a vast knowledge of sport medicine and Tulsa knee pain treatment prolotherapy but he also provides every athlete with the key components to optimizing their health. He wants you write his clients not only with the one-time treatment but with the knowledge to over exceed their expectations with their health and to enhance their life. The key components include proper nutrition, good exercise and restoration after exercise. You can find out more about this online at

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