Find the best possible chronic pain treatment for your athletic injury in Tulsa Oklahoma Oklahoma

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Find the best possible chronic pain treatment for your athletic injury in Tulsa Oklahoma Oklahoma

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Why is Revolution Health the best wellness clinic for your athletic injury? For one Dr. Chad Edwards specializes in sport treatment and sport medicine. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University and received a degree in the Sport Medicine. He is 100% dedicated to renewing and repairing injured athletes. Being an athlete himself he understands that the level of the game is as important as breathing. He wants to provide every athlete in Tulsa Oklahoma suffering from chronic pain away to bring resolve to the situation. It brings the best nutrition, exercise, rest and chronic pain treatment including Tulsa new pain treatment. You can bring resolve to your injury.

You’re running, your jumping, your dribbling, you’re tackling, and sprinting down the track looking to win the gold. You giving the best that you have, the best that you got and is much as you have. For an athlete it’s about playing the game. Is about bringing the best of the best that you have inside you and not giving up until the job is done. But sometimes when we give the best that we have an injury can occur. We can damage me, dislocated shoulder or damage her back. This might not even happen on the day of the game. It might happen while exercising or messing around with friends. Whatever the cause the staff and Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health want to help.

The number one reason why athletes don’t get to play the game they love anymore is because of injury. But it’s not just the injury. It’s the money it takes to repair the injury. Surgery is not only scary but is also expensive. That is why Dr. Edwards has taken on a treatment that is been in effect and been working since the 1930s. It provides a natural way for your body to heal and repair the injury that occurred by playing the game. The treatment is called prolotherapy. It is a nonsurgical alternatives to relieve you of your chronic pain and your Tulsa knee pain. The matter what injury or how long you’ve had it prolotherapy might be the right choice for you.

Obviously we want you to know what prolotherapy is. In the simplest of of terms it is a treatment that stimulates the body to repair itself. Dr. Edwards will tell you that the body is naturally inclined to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little direction. What prolotherapy does is inject a solution that irritates a certain area of the body and it triggers the healing mechanisms that are already naturally in your system. We inject the solution into the damaged or injured in an area and watch the Tulsa knee pain treatment work its magic. Does matter how long you you have had your chronic pain. Prolotherapy has brought resolve to people about over 30 years of chronic pain. Prolotherapy works and it safe.

But don’t just take our word for. We encourage you to visit our website and watch our testimonials about people have been treated with prolotherapy. People walked in with knee pain and walked out painless because of our cost the knee pain treatment. We’ve treated shoulders, next, backs and other chronic pain that was severe. When you sit down with Dr. Edwards she finds out that this treatment is the right choice for you. He evaluates you and you both make a decision if this is the direction that you want to go to for an result to your chronic pain. Give us a call today at 918 – 935 – 3636 and find out of prolotherapy is the right treatment for you.

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Are you an injured athlete? Are you looking for the best Tulsa knee pain treatment? Read about Revolution Health

This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

Dr. Edwards, the founder of the Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. It was at college that he earned his medical degree in Exercise Sciences and Sport Medicine. He also attended medical school at Oklahoma State University. Being an athlete himself he understands what it would be like to be taken away from the thing that he loves to do. He loves being active and keeping his body active. He specializes in sport treatment and sport medicine because he wants to make sure the athletes know there’s a better way than surgery when they have chronic pain. He provides them with the option of taking on nonsurgical alternatives. Keep reading this article for more information.

First off let’s talk about Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards is a passionate, committed and dedicated sports physician who is on the lookout to resolve and repair injuries of athletes. Although he provides clinical expertise and Tulsa knee pain treatment for any patient he specializes in athletes. He wants the season stand up and play the game that they love again. When you sit down Dr. Edwards he wants to get to know you. LSU question after question trying to connect and collaborate with you on the best possible treatment for your injury. He doesn’t just look at what wrong with you. He looks at your body as a whole and comes up with solutions to tie all your systems together so that you can be a faster and stronger athlete.

The treatment that has had the most result and have proven to be the most effective is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy first originated in the 1930s and is in nonsurgical chromic pain treatment. It is provided athletes all over the nation with improvement and reconstruction of their damaged areas. Laying on an operating table is no longer the only option for injured athletes. Prolotherapy has brought result to dozens of patients in athletes and Tulsa Oklahoma including eight-year-old girl to damage her shoulder while playing softball. At Revolution Health we are offering you the best nonsurgical alternatives in the city for your sports injury.

Injection is all that prolotherapy is. Injection of the solution is meant to irritate the section of the injured body. For example if you’re looking for Tulsa knee pain treatment normally injects a solution near the injured knee. The solution then sends little signals throughout your body and stimulates your ceiling mechanisms to begin operating on that section of the body. In other words it drives your body’s natural ability to heal directly to the area that needs it the most. Your body is repairing itself and all that prolotherapy is doing is making sure that happens. Best chronic pain treatment and best Tulsa knee pain treatment.

We understand that you probably need more information that we have provided. That is why we encourage you to either stop into the clinic, give us: 918 – 935 – 3636 or simply visit us online at We want you to have the absolute best possible treatment available in Tulsa Oklahoma for your athletic injury. It is a matter for your looking for Tulsa knee pain treatment or Tulsa shoulder pain treatment we have exactly what you’re looking for. We also supply and focus on optimizing your health after the treatment is done. We provide you with proper nutrition, proper exercise and the proper rush that is required for use a healthy and fit for your game.

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