Find out more about Revolution Health and Tulsa Prolotherapy

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Find out more about Revolution Health and Tulsa Prolotherapy

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For more information about Revolution Health please visit us online at or give us a call at 918 – 935 – 3636. Our lead physician graduated medical school from Oklahoma State University in Health Sciences. The clinic specializes in prolotherapy, natural supplements and providing the information necessary to truly optimize health. Our staff is friendly, patient and above all else knowledgeable. We are the number one choice for Tulsa knee pain treatment and provide the most affordable treatment for chronic pain. Our number one goal is to increase your health and everyone of our patients. We provide the most cost-effective and lowest risk approach we can.

How do we increase the health of our patients? For one we look at the body as a whole unit. Where other precision simply address the problem and mask it over with medication we want to get to the root of the situation. By getting to the root of the problem we can then prevent future injury and medical issues. We would you to walk in health and true unlimited health after dealing with the issue at hand. We believe in providing information concerning proper nutrition, proper exercise and recovery from the exercise. We do this all by natural means unless of course the situation calls for prescription in medication.

What is prolotherapy? That is an excellent question. Prolotherapy is the process of injecting a solution into the body which then irritates the selected area. Generally the solution is injected into the injured area and the irritation and stimulates the body to naturally heal itself. In other words it drawls and invisible roadmap for the body healing mechanisms follow and begin repairing the damage ligaments. This is one of the top chronic pain treatments and Tulsa knee pain treatments in the city. Prolotherapy is affordable and absolutely safe. We have received tremendous results from patients experiencing extreme chronic pain.

How do I optimize my health? When you sit down with Dr. Chad Edwards he provide you with the knowledge and the information based on who you are. We do not give the same direction to everyone of our patients. We know that every body system works together and everybody system is different. Therefore we will supply different things for different patients. We want you to be and experience the best possible health that you can. When be giving your body system exactly what it needs so that it forces and over exceeds your own expectations of what you thought your health could be. By talking and sitting down with our physician you can learn how to truly optimize your health and keep it.

The ultimate goal is that we want patients to get better. We within the feel good, strong and healthy new matter their age and the matter what pain there experiencing. Going to eliminate the problem. Organ removed the dysfunction and then put you on the right track to becoming healthy and preventing future disease and minimizing the risk of injury. Through nutrition and proper exercise we can get every patient to the top of the mountain. Once rather top of the mountain is just a matter of maintaining the health peak. We encourage you to find out more information about us online or give us called at 918 – 935 – 3636.

Nutrition and Tulsa knee pain treatment at Revolution Health

This content was uploaded by Revolution Health and Wellness

At Revolution Health we provide three key components to putting patients on the right track to optimizing and dramatically improving their health. We focus on time all the body systems and together to make sure that their functioning and working together as a team the way they were made to. We want to give the best thing that we can provide for our patients. We are going to tell you the things they’re going keeping naturally strong, naturally healthy and able to maintain the mountain that will climb together. Our number one goal is we want our clients and our patients to be the best of the can be. To be better than they are today and their health to be better tomorrow.

Nutrition. Dr. Chad Edwards studied functional medicine in Tulsa Oklahoma. He believes that nutrition is the cornerstone in one of the key components to maintaining and optimizing your health. The problem with our nation is that most Americans are far from being healthy. What they put into their system is absolutely horrible and it is causing their bodies to wind down. At Revolution Health we provide you with the proper nutrition and give you the knowledge of what you really need to be putting your system. Many problems that can because by poor nutrition is hard disease, cancer, strokes, etc.

Exercise. The right amount of exercise is most important. We understand that most of you come to us because you experience chronic pain or you’re searching for Tulsa a pain treatment. What we do is provide this treatment for you and then get you becoming active again. Prolotherapy actually encourage this movement during treatment. It helps the treatment work better and faster. After your chronic pain is this appeared we then give you the key components so that you can continue to be healthy and minimize the risk of future injury. Proper exercise and proper rest after exercise is most important.

Prolotherapy is a treatment provided for those searching for Colson E pain treatment or any other chronic pain treatment. Prolotherapy is the process of injecting a solution that has the purpose of your trading the chosen area of the body. The body then reacts to the solution and immediately begins healing the body the way us posted and naturally. We simply provide a neon sign within your body so that your body healing mechanisms know exactly where to go and what to fix. Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical procedure and is one of the top Tulsa knee pain treatments in the city and has worked for dozens of patients who once to experience chronic pain just like you.

Are you looking to truly optimize your health? To reconnect all your body system and have them work together for you? With Dr. Chad Edwards you can climb that mountain and rid yourself of your chronic pain. You don’t have to have surgery, you don’t have to do physical therapy you can find out right now if prolotherapy is the right choice for you. Take our hand and let us climb the mountain together. Not only do we help you climb the mountain but what you’re up there we help you maintain it. Find out more information about us and about prolotherapy online today or gives a call at 918 – 935 – 3636.

Visit us online at or call at 918 – 935 – 3636