Find out if prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma is right for you at Revolution Health Wellness Clinic

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Find out if prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma is right for you at Revolution Health Wellness Clinic

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Our number one focus at Revolution Health Wellness Clinic is to improve your health and give you the tools necessary to continue to improve your body’s functionalities. We are not against medication because Dr. Chad Edwards has the ability to prescribe medications if they are needed. But the Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences graduate believes that we can maintain and improve our health naturally. We specialize in prolotherapy, exercise, nutrition and several other components to get you back on the right track of health and happiness. Find out if prolotherapy in Tulsa Oklahoma is right for you at Revolution Health today. Feel free to call for more information or visit us online.

Prolotherapy is made to be an affordable and one of the best Tulsa alternatives to surgery. There are some cases where surgery will not solve the problem or the injury that has occurred in the patient’s body. What prolotherapy does this provides a way to speed up and boost the body’s natural healing process. Pull therapy is the process of injecting into the body and bringing aid to the bodies healing process naturally. Prolotherapy is an injection technique to speed up the body’s natural process of repairing itself. It’s been around since the 1930s and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the medical TV show The Doctors.

At Revolution Health we want to provide professionalism and high quality service to all of our patients. We want you to feel comfortable the moment that you walk into our office. We are here to answer your questions, addressed your concerns and really find out if prolotherapy is right for you. We are not dealing to subscribe the treatment, medication or prolotherapy if we don’t think it’s the best possible solution for you. Our goal is to provide the people Tulsa Oklahoma were suffering from pain, Tulsa knee pain, neck pain, back pain and any other disease or injury a cost-effective solution that does not involve surgery. We want to talk with you, learn about you and connect with you on a personal level so that you trust and our secure with the recommendations that we make. For us it’s about making your dream come true of living a healthy and happy lifestyle for the next 40 to 50 to even 60 years.

Dr. Chad Edwards is a Oklahoma State University graduate and a whole Oklahoma Baptist University graduate. He also served as a medic and preventive medicine specialist in the US Army in 1989. He also is board certified in family medicine, completed a residency in North Carolina at Womack Army medical Center and has a passion for creating healthy lifestyles to everyone that he comes in contact. He has worked as an emergency physician in several hospitals in Tennessee and Kentucky. He has also been featured on Living Well with Dr. Howard Boos in 2012. He is 100% dedicated and committed to helping optimize your health and enhance your life performance.

If you still have questions and concerns about prolotherapy or about Dr. Chad Edwards we encourage you to go online right now at our Revolution Health and wellness website for additional information. On the website you can find out why Revolution Health is right for you, check out our membership opportunities, learn more about prolotherapy, look at our testimonials and what supplements that we supply for our patients. This is your opportunity to jump on the revolution that is taking America by storm. Be a part of the revolution that is going to change the way that we think about healthcare and the way we take about our bodies forever. Call now at 918 – 95 – 3636. We are looking forward to working and improving your lifestyle today.

Addressing the problem and solving the problem in Tulsa Oklahoma at Revolution Health and Wellness clinic

Dr. Chad Edwards was featured on Living Well with Dr. Howard Boos in 2012. He also attended OSU for Health Sciences and Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma Baptist University. He has over two decades of medical experience and has a core passion to helping people achieve their health lifestyle goals. He is dedicated to enhancing your performance as a person and your performance activity. He believes that there’s a better, affordable and alternative solution to surgery when it comes to your injuries and your illness. He’s not only addressing the problem but he is on his way to solving the problem at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma. Find out more about Dr. Chad Edwards online today.

Dr. Chad Edwards is one of the leading medical physicians in Tulsa Oklahoma when it comes to prolotherapy and optimizing your health. Prolotherapy has been around since the 1930s but has gained recognition over the past several years. The idea prolotherapy has been featured on The Doctors and the Wall Street Journal. It deals with bringing relief to chronic pain which includes neck pain, Tulsa knee pain, back pain and several other issues that people experience in their lifetime. It Revolution Health Dr. Chad Edwards is committed and passionate about assisting you in optimizing your health and enhancing your over all life performance and lifestyle. He walk you step-by-step through each procedure and step-by-step of how to achieve immense success in a healthy lifestyle.

Prolotherapy is the process and an injection technique that stimulates healing and provide relief from chronic pain including Tulsa knee pain. Many types of chronic pain have been treated by prolotherapy and have been tremendously successful. In fact Dr. Chad Edwards has patients who have experienced over 30 years of chronic pain and are now moving, living and improving their health daily. The art of prolotherapy is to inject a liquid into the painful area. The patient’s body is then stimulated through the injection and creates a healing response that your body does naturally. This is known throughout Tulsa Oklahoma and the United States as the best nonsurgical alternative. His prolotherapy for you? Let’s find out.

One of the most unique things about Revolution Health is that we are not trying to sell you and convince you of treatments that you don’t need. When you step into our offices we evaluate your chronic pain and your issue before deciding what treatment is best for you. We connect with you, get to know you personally and review your history so that we understand exactly what were dealing with. Our goal and Dr. Edwards dream is to provide you with the opportunity not only to eliminate this one instead of pain but to provide you with the means to improve your overall health habits. He believes in connecting and tying all the body systems together so that they work properly and in harmony. He provide you with the key components and the healthy habits to gets you living along and revolutionary life.

More information about prolotherapy can be found online at our website at or give us a call today at 918 – 935 – 3636. Every patient is our number one priority the moment they call or step into our office. Dr. Chad Edwards has a huge heart for people and a passion to eliminate the stress of being able to afford surgery or treatment to eliminate your pain. He believes in prolotherapy not only because he’s seen it work but because it provides the best alternative and most the cost effective to people with Tulsa knee pain and other disorders. Experience the revolution it Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma. Treat your Tulsa knee pain or any other pain that you may be experiencing today.