Find hormone pellets Tulsa | Your friend in the medical industry.

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Find hormone pellets Tulsa | The revolution is upon us.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

Are you trying to find hormone pellets Tulsa Oklahoma and have little success in finding a position that you can trust in the bio identical hormone replacement therapy market? Don’t fret because we have found your go to Dr. here at Revolution health and wellness clinic located at 12142 S. Yukon Ave. Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033 and he has been proudly serving the Tulsa community. Dr. Chad at work is a one-of-a-kind osteopathic physician whose primary interest is in functional medicine with a unique holistic approach. He is dedicated to his name goals to optimizing the health through all available means in his repertoire including exercise, herbals, chiropractic care, rest, nutrition, medication and acupuncture just to name a few.

What makes Revolution health and wellness different from your traditional medical clinics? There many things that make revolution health and wellness clinic differ from your average health clinics they have a complete focus on a natural approach to medicine and well-being. At Revolution health wellness clinic you will find hormone pellets Tulsa Oklahoma at extremely reasonable prices and are very effective and efficient in treating low hormones in men and women in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dr. Chad Edwards has appeared in many different news and newspaper throughout the years including; the Tulsa world, news channel 8, Channel 2 news, the news on six, KRMG talk radio and news channel 9 just to name a few.

So stop looking for bio identical hormone replacement therapy all over the Internet, here at Revolution health and wellness clinic you will find hormone pellets Tulsa Oklahoma. Here at the clinic they evaluate every patient that the doors using a different approach based in holistic healing. They completely understand how every part of the body works together in great synergy. While many doctors focus on fixing certain illnesses based on one body part or one party system. This is a fallacy for their missing the point in the big picture that the human body works cohesively together and this is where Dr. Chad Edwards revolutionizes the healthcare industry.

He knows that the function of every part will affect every other part in one way or another and this is what makes him different from your average osteopathic physician. He has learned that you simply cannot change just one system of the body without it affecting another system within the human body. Every dysfunction in the body as a root cause and reason why it has manifested in his patients. When there is dysfunction it becomes extremely important that Dr. Chad Edwards be able to identify where the source of this dysfunction spurs and then he will take time to better understand the patient’s needs and create a customized holistic approach to fixing the cause root of the issue.

You can simply not treat a manifestation of that dysfunction with medications alone, you must be able to address the whole cause of the problem in order to fix the issue, while many doctors just focus on writing prescriptions in order to stop the symptoms. But this simply mask the symptoms and the root cause still persists. I want you to check out the website and read some more on the different services that Dr. Chad Edwards has for his patients. You may also reach them at (918) 935-3636 and talk to their extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Find hormone pellets Tulsa | Your friend in the medical industry.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

So someone tell me you’re trying to find hormone pellets Tulsa Oklahoma? There are many bio identical hormone replacement therapy clinics throughout this great state, but nine is thorough as Revolution health and wellness. His dedication and commitment to his patients is shown through his holistic approach to healing and he takes time to get to understand and evaluate each patient’s dysfunctions and why they have appeared. We now understand that the human body works like one big machine, every bodily system functions hand-in-hand with the other body systems. You can simply not fix an issue by focusing on one body system but as a whole.

When you change one system it will automatically affect another system, we now know this is exactly how the human body works in many doctors currently think backwards on this issue. As many specialize in certain bodily systems, Dr. Chad Edwards and his staff at Revolution health wellness clinic understand that you have to see the whole picture in order to fix what affects the patient. You’ll be able to find hormone pellets Tulsa Oklahoma at his clinic and he will be able to guide you through the best bio identical hormone replacement therapy on the market to best suit your needs as a patient. When a dysfunction is identified it is extremely important to be able to find the exact source of where this dysfunction originated in order to correct it to better optimize functionality and health of the individual.

At Revolution health and wellness clinic they treat manifestation of dysfunction not with medication alone but by addressing the root cause of this dysfunction. If your hormones are unbalanced and you have while fluctuations of mood swings you will need to find hormone pellets Tulsa Oklahoma. The old antiquated medicinal way of thinking is that people have pain because of a Lortab deficiency, or they have acid reflux because of a purple pill deficiency, it simply is not true. People don’t get cancer just because they are deficient in chemotherapy drugs. In order to fix the problem you have to be able to identify and get to the cause of this problem.

In order to obtain optimal health requires optimal functioning of all the human body systems and their goal is to completely eliminate the dysfunction and correct it in order to finally rid the body of this dysfunction. Many people are Dr. related and think that medicine does not operate this way, the Dr. Chad Edwards is here to tell you that this is not the way that medicine works. It’s called practicing medicine for a reason as every day were figure out more efficient ways to treat a patients. So if you have a chronic disease or illness for many years in traditional medicine has not subsided your pain I highly encourage you to reach out to Dr. Chad Edwards at his clinic, revolution health and wellness.

He has many different services that are specifically tailored for his patients and is simply not a one-size-fits-all medicinal clinic. The difference between him and many other doctors that he actually takes time to gets to know the patients thoroughly and then makes a professional course of action in order to rid this dysfunction from his patients bodies using a holistic approach instead of a pharmaceutical only approach. So what are you waiting for go to to read some of his testimony and other services that he provides to his patients. You may also call the clinic at (918) 935-3636 and schedule your first appointment today and see the error in traditional medicine.