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Are you a resident of the greater Tulsa area trying to Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa? If you are, then reach out to us here at Revolution Health and Wellness. Here at Revolution Health and Wellness, we are a company that is here to provide you with a revolutionary approach to medicine. And what we mean by that is that in addition to traditional modern medicine, we want to provide you with a better alternative by offering you natural and holistic medicine. We are the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in Oklahoma today, and we had been seen on although, as major news programs because we provide real results, and a fantastic service here. We encourage you to reach out to us whenever you’re ready to take a different approach to your health care, which we can provide because we are going to address the root cause of your issues.

We are located in Glenpool, Oklahoma, and we are convenient for people trying to Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa, and we are conveniently located right here in Glenpool which is part of the greater Tulsa area and a convenient option for anybody in the greater Tulsa area. To anybody in the Tulsa community or the surrounding communities have us within reach whenever they need is for any type of naturalistic or functional medicine. The only can we help the people of Tulsa and the greater Tulsa area, but we also have an online store that you can access to our website at we can find any of our naturalistic and holistic that can address your issues and a healthier manner than traditional pharmaceuticals and prescription that you find most of the doctors.

But we are here awaiting anybody that needs our help for the people of the greater Tulsa area, so if you are trying to Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa, the get touch with us and we are going to build to provide support for you. We provide you with a wide range of services not just hormone cause, but we provide you with several different hormone replacement hormone therapy services. If you need help with your testosterone and estrogen, they come and talk to us, and that also overlap their sexual health services. We provide you with a better way to address your sexual health, and we also offer you other services here like holistic pain management, and nutritional a supplemental IV therapy, labs and much more.

We also encourage you to utilize an online retail store if you’re not immediately nervous city and you would like to utilize some of our products that we recommend. Utilize the online web store so we can have it addressed and directly to your door no matter where you are.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you, then get touch with us here at Revolution company, so that we can help you in a better manner and address the root cause of your problem and were to correct it, and you can set that up anytime at calling us directly at 918-935-3636, or feel free to go to the website anytime at it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and find all the information we have there including customer testimonials and meet our doctors.

Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa | Some Functional Medicine Faqs

Are you trying to Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa? If you are, then we want you to understand that there is a functional medicine clinic located out of Glenpool, Oklahoma, so if you’re in the greater Tulsa area, and you need some help, the just get touch with us, and we can provide you with a more natural and holistic approach to your health. We could actually provide you with a revolutionary approach to medicine, something that most people are aware of, and something that most people don’t understand is a better alternative to traditional modern Western medicine. We provide great results and we been seen all Oklahoma as major news programs, and we are the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in the state of Oklahoma. And whenever people come to us is first-time patients, they naturally have some questions about natural and holistic medicine.

So, for people that are trying to find Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa, or other natural remedies to their health issues, then we of the solutions. And they come to us with regular questions. Many people don’t understand that we are either healthcare clinic, but with a different approach, and that we offer help for people with insurance and without insurance. We do accept insurance and makes and most major insurances, and we are going to build help you the same way as your traditional family doctor. We can also help people without insurance, and we have gotten labs for some of our customers for as low as $12. The cost is comparable in many respects, but in many ways, we can get you fantastic prices on your needs without insurance or with insurance, so don’t be deterred to come and try out our holistic approach if you don’t have insurance.

And people to come to us asking about things like naturalistic medicine, or trying to Find Hormone Pellets Tulsa want to know what kind of services we actually offer at our clinic. That is great question, because we can address most things in a naturalistic way, and that includes things like hormone pellets for your home or replacement for your home on therapy. We also address a wide variety of sexual health issues, and we can do holistic pain management. This involves things like prolotherapy which involves injecting irritants directly into the affected muscle tissue that is going to stimulate your body to provide a few the reaction. We also provide you with nutritional supplemental IV therapy, we can help you stop smoking, and provide you with a number of other services to address you with a better approach to your healthcare.

People also want to know why our approach is better than just medicine, and a great question. We feel that there is a natural way that is better at addressing the problems in addressing the root cause of your problems to work to correct. We realize that more medication is not going to make us more healthy. Want to make sure that we provide you with a solution, as most modern Western medicine is more concerned with sick care and centered around illness and disease. They want to be able to offer you something that is going to put a Band-Aid on your issue instead of looking at a way to address it and actually provide a real treatment. Most medications have an adverse reaction, and we feel that there are better ways and more natural ways to get you the same results.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you here at Revolution coming, then we encourage you get touch with us as a new patient by calling us directly at 918-935-3636, and in the meantime we encourage you to check out our website as all this information and much more including helpful customer testimonials and more at