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Find Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa | Balancing Hormones

Find bioidentical hormones Tulsa area right here at a locally owned and operated clinic called Revolution Health & Wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards is the main doctor in charge of the clinic and he is constantly going above and beyond to help people in our community with a multitude of different illnesses and diseases. He uses a unique approach to holistic healing and use the culmination of many different processes including nutrition, herbals, exercise, chiropractic care, medication, acupuncture, and much more. This crazy culmination of different applications lets him take on and get to the issue of many root disease the elements that harm many people here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know when I mention the word holistic many people roll their eyes you think that it is quite medicine. But the truth is nature comes from the earth. Even traditional doctors know this. As many different pills are derived from nature.

If you’re looking to find bioidentical hormones Tulsa look no further than Revolution Health & Wellness. They are your go to holistic approach to health and wellness. Dr. Chad Edwards is 100% committed to delivering the highest quality healing services to his patients. Through natural and holistic healing. Many people think this is quite medicine, but the truth is ages been indoctrinated so much of they don’t even know what real medicine is. As I stated earlier real medicine comes from the earth and is divine. Dr. Chad Edwards uses many different nutritional approaches as well as a multitude of different other practices in order to attack and eliminate year illnesses. You may have seen Dr. Chad Edwards appear on channel 2 news, news on six, KRG talk radio, news channel 9, news channel 8 in Tulsa world newspaper. He is very educated and all things health and wellness space. Please don’t think twice to go and sign up today with the very best holistic doctor here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I now can be quite tedious to find bioidentical hormones Tulsa company. You have several options to choose from and you really never know you’re dealing with until you fully sign up with them. This is why encourage all of my friends and family who are seeking medical help to read Google reviews. If you go look at Revolution Health & Wellness Google reviews you’ll see exactly why they are considered the best in the industry today. It is their sheer dedication and commitment to the client that is constantly treating them with the most compassion and tenacity that you have ever seen. Many doctors don’t take more than five minutes of each patient. This is a huge problem here in the healthcare industry here and America. When HMOs to go to hospitals they turn them into a business. Doctors used to have as much time they wanted to speak with their patients. Back in the day the status about nutritional, exercises and their sleep. But nowadays they have 10 minutes with each patient.

But guess what a doctor can do in thattime, yup, you guessed it. Write a prescription. This is quite unfortunate that are healthcare industry right now. In many Americans think taking a pill is a solution. Wrong, taking a pill is just asking your symptoms and not actually getting to the root cause of your illnesses.

Experience the difference that holistic medicine can bring to your life. Restore your balancing your body by going to Revolution Health & Wellness today. They make an appointment by either giving them a call at (918) 935-3636. Or you may visit their website and sign up online. Their website is