Experienced the revolution at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Experienced the revolution at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Revolution Health is the honored and proud home of Dr. Chad Edwards. Dr. Chad Edwards holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and attended medical school at Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. He is also a former medic and prevention medicine specialists for the U.S. Army. He has over 20 years of professional medical experience and has a passion to enhance the lives of his patients, his clients and the people that he comes in contact with. His goal was to start a revolution right here in Tulsa Oklahoma. To change the way people think about health and the way they think about exercising, nutrition and other ways to enhance healthy habits. When you meet Dr. Chad Edwards his passion and his commitment to his patients is completely outstanding.

One of the things that we want to focus on his Tulsa knee pain. We have had patients come into our office experiencing Tulsa knee pain and other chronic pain. What we provide it Revolution Health is the best all eternity to surgery. It’s called Polo therapy and is completely taking the nation by storm. Has been reviewed and written about in the Wall Street Journal and has been featured on The Doctors. It is an injection technique that provides a boost or a rapid increase that stimulates the body’s natural process of healing itself. The syringe is injected in the injured area of the patient and the cells begin to rebuild within the muscle and tissue. This technique and idea has been around since the 1930s.

In the simplest of terms prolotherapy works by getting the body uses all-natural healing mechanisms to prepare in injury. It is excellent for anyone experience back pain, neck pain and Tulsa knee pain. It Revolution Health we have a deep understanding of how the body works together. The way that the body functions together actually affects the other parts of the body. The body is not functioning in harmony and not all tied together in sync that is the root of what causes illness, disease and injuries. We not only eliminate your chronic pain but we provide you with the resolve and the key components to get your body systems working properly and together. Dr. Chad Edwards doesn’t just stop at eliminating your pain. He provide you with a healthy and astounding habits to eliminate disease and illness for years.

Optimizing health requires optimizing all the functionalities of the body systems. Dr. Chad Edwards of value which your body system, determines the dysfunctions and quickly corrects them. He provide you with ways including exercise, nutrition and other components to get the body on track and enhancing your lifestyle. For him it’s about keeping and maintaining your health so that you live 50, 60 or even 70 years. Are we against medication? No. In fact actor Chad Edwards describes medication for certain cases. But the goal is to get you working properly and then you get you off with an education to take a more natural approach to being healthy. It’s a completely Revolution way of thinking and operating.

We don’t want you to feel concerned or completely lost when you walk into our facility. That is why we take you step-by-step each of the procedures, about prolotherapy and that other ways to help your body function properly. We are able to assist you in the process of obtaining the ultimate health. We have had amazing results using natural substances and like herbs, foods and supplements. These substances also have a lower risk of unnatural effects. We believe that there is a way to treat disc functioning with natural substance and it’s always a better option. Find out more about the passion, the commitment and the dedication that Dr. Chad Edwards has for his patients today. Feel free to call or visit us online to experienced the revolution at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma. Eliminate your Tulsa knee pain and other chronic pain.

Step back into a healthy and happy lifestyle at Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma

Featured on Living Well with Dr. Howard Boos in 2012, Dr. Chad Edwards provides professionalism, interaction and a revolutionary connection to all of his patients. He believes that by connecting and didn’t know each patient on a personal level he can then better treat and provide them with the key components of a healthy and happy lifestyle. His number one goal is to enhance the lives of people around him and the people who come to visit him. He is a former drill Sgt. for the U.S. Army and attended Oklahoma State University College of Medical Sciences and Oklahoma Baptist University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine. He provides every patient with over two decades of medical experience and medical training.

Revolution Health provides the best nonsurgical alternative to chronic pain in Tulsa Oklahoma. It has treated patients with chronic neck pain, Tulsa knee pain, back pain, elbow pain and other chronic injuries. They specialize in looking at the patient’s body as a whole and determine team the best route to take with each client. It Revolution Health we are not just trying to sell you. We are trying to provide you with the best possible procedure and treatment to get you back to a healthy and happy lifestyle. We provide you with the ways and the proper techniques to balance out your nutrition, exercise and ultimately optimizing your health to enhance your overall life performance. Passion, commitment, professionalism, dedication and a smile is exactly what you’ll find when you meet Dr. Chad Edwards and the staff of Revolution Health in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The specialty of Revolution Health is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is an injection technique that was first discovered in the 1930s. It is the process of injecting the injured area with fluid and rapidly increasing the body’s natural process of healing and repairing itself. Our patients will say that the staff genuinely cares about them and provide them with the best possible service that they can receive. On a practical side we have patients who have had over three decades of back pain and within the first three treatments of prolotherapy the pain was already eliminated. We guarantee of his treatment and prolotherapy will completely change your life. Whether it’s Tulsa knee pain or back pain we can provide you with the right treatment and the right option to get you going again.

When you step into Revolution Health you’ll find that the doctors and the staff are very knowledgeable and what they’re talking. They sincerely want to help all of their patients and it shows their quality as professionals and as individuals. Dr. Chad Edwards believes in not only providing treatments and cures for his patients but also healthy habits. He specializes in nutrition and the value of nutrition to give your body the right things it needs. He is not only interested in improving the injuries but improving all the body functions so that they operate in harmony and tie them together perfectly. He is dedicated and committed to making sure all of his patients live long happy life in the best possible manner. But there’s a natural option to get your body back into a healthy and happy lifestyle Dr. Chad Edwards will make sure that option is available.

For more information about Dr. Chad Edwards and Revolution Health please visit us online today. Read the testimonials from past patients herself. Read about Dr. Chad Edwards and the specifics of polo therapy that is provided. Or give us a call at 918 – 95 – 3636. Or stop by the clinic yourself and see for yourself the qualification and the professionalism that is the staff at Revolution Health. We can provide you with the right option and treatment to completely eliminate your chronic pain and Tulsa need. Step back into a healthy and happy lifestyle it Revolution Health and Wellness clinic in Tulsa Oklahoma. We look forward to providing and serving you as medical professionals.