Recover from CrossFit Tulsa at Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic

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Recover from CrossFit Tulsa at Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic

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If you’re looking to get the best recovery process around in the Tulsa area you come into Revolution health and one of clinic. We know that Tulsa CrossFit can be very intense and strenuous on the body. You stay in injury or start feeling pains after your Tulsa CrossFit workouts we highly recommend you come into Revolution health and wellness clinic. When it comes to your recovery needs we’re going build provide you the best process is available. When only focused on giving medication but also allowing your body to do the work itself. This process is not a phototherapy and has worked wonders for all of our patience.

You can find Revolution health here in the South Tulsa area 2865 He Skelly Dr., #300, Tulsa, OK 74105. We love you to come and visit with our professional staff members and visit with our Doctor, Chad Edwards D.O. He is going to provide you with a great Doctor knows what it’s like to go through CrossFit program. He himself is been to Tulsa CrossFit and knows what it takes to get through each and every workout. He realizes that these workouts can sometimes cause injury if you’re not doing the property. This is why is important you maintain a healthier body to reduce the risk of injury.

Doctor Edwards ready me with you and discussed you about how we can help you prevent illness, injury and pain. We know that is important for Doctor to build to treat his or her patients and to help them recover from their illnesses or injuries. But here at Revolution health and wellness we’re not only focused on treating people but also preventing their injuries and illnesses. We want you to build a live a healthy lifestyle and I’ve come in Doctor to recovery from your illnesses. This was going to help you with a healthier lifestyle and also reduce your health care costs. We know that is very important that people are able to take care of themselves and allow their bodies to recover from injuries and illnesses that they sustained throughout daily life.

The practice the healthy Trinity at Revolution health and one is clinic. The healthy Trinity consist of the three hours, the proper nutrition and the proper exercises and activities. With these three things combined you’re going to live a healthier life and maintain a great body that will build a fight any injury or illness on its own. We know that when you practice the healthy Trinity you’re going to start feeling better almost instantly. You’re getting the proper nutrition and activity every day your bodies going to improve you’re going to feel better. Not only going to feel better physically but also mentally.

To get a hold of Revolution health one is clinic you can dial our phone number at 918-935-3636. You can also go online to the website This website will allow you to sign up to come in and visit with our professional staff members can also learn about the process that we offer here at Revolution health and wellness clinic. You also build find out about our supplements that we offer as well as our charity that we’re involved in. There’s a lot of information our website we hope you will visit and get an idea of what we can do for you here at our clinic.


Recover from your CrossFit injuries and pains the Revolution health and wellness clinic

Revolution health and wellness clinic provides the best services when it comes to your overall health and wellness. Assess when you’re doing CrossFit Tulsa workouts that are strenuous and are on your body. It is important you maintain a healthy lifestyle to make sure that you keep doing the work outstanding day out. One way to do this is by recovering from each and every workout properly and getting the right nutrition in your body that it can recover on its own. This is what Revolution health and wellness is all about. We will make sure that your body is getting the nutrition in the recovery it needs to maintain its healthy status.

If you’re feeling the pain from CrossFit workouts is important you come in today. We will make sure that you are getting the proper care needed so that you do not turn that pain into an injury. Often when treated early small tears or other injuries to your tenants of ligaments can be repaired without any surgery if you take part in the right every process. The store Revolution health and wellness clinic comes in. When you come in its visit with Doctor Chad Edwards D.O. he will build to talk with you about the recovery process we offer. We offer what is called prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is been around for several decades. In fact it’s almost been around for 100 years and is been very successful and popular with people looking to recover from minor injuries. One the main benefits of the prolotherapy processes that is all natural and it will increase your strength. The way the prolotherapy works is that there is a fluid injected into the joint near the area that is injured. This fluid axes the irritant that is going to set forth the inflammatory process. Once this process is put in place the body will start to regenerate and recover from injury. It will do this on its own for many different prolotherapy sessions.

Depending on how damaged the ligament or tendon was and how well you recover from the injury will determine how long the process will take. We do the prolotherapy sessions every 2 to 6 weeks for as long as it takes to recover from the injury. We have a great results with this and saved people tons of money and time and recovery from surgery. Revolution health is all about helping people come from injury and prevent further injury. This is why we are always focused on making sure people are living a healthy Trinity. Healthy Trinity consists of three steps.

The first is developing a nutritional diet that is going to give you the best foods for your body. Second step is forming and exercise routine that is going to keep your body actively give it the exercise that it needs. The last up consists of three different parts. The first part is rest. We believe it is important that your body dress make sure they can recover and recuperate from the day’s activities. We also believe it is important to relieve stress is much as possible. Stress is hard in the body and can cause serious health problems. Eating right and exercising daily will help you reduce stress as well as. It is also important you recover from your workouts each and every time you workout. This will help you get bigger faster and stronger and build perform workouts even better the next time.