It’s Time to Start the Revolution with CrossFit in Tulsa

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It’s Time to Start the Revolution with CrossFit in Tulsa

This Content Was Written by CrossFit in Tulsa

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Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. believes that participating in CrossFit in Tulsa is an excellent way to get ahead when it comes to your health and wellness. If you’re participating in CrossFit in Tulsa and are experiencing pain in your musculoskeletal system including knees, shoulders, back, or other problem areas, give us a call today at 918-935-3636 and start dealing with the pain in your life immediately. We have a number of different remedies to help you get the most out of your CrossFit in Tulsa worked out without living in pain. Visit our website at to view all of the different ways Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. and his team can help you here at Revolution Health and Wellness.

A lot of times a way to get ahead in health and wellness is by taking healthy supplements. Supplements, when used in the right way, can optimize the health of patients starting with the foundation of what we call The Healthy Trinity: Nutrition, Exercise, and The 3 R’s (Rest, Recovery, Reduction). We have found the nutritional supplements and drug list prescriptions using natural supplements is key to improving health without the numerous side effects and unintended consequences associated with most medications. If you would like to see are developed line of pharmaceutical grade supplements that exceed the quality of any other nutraceutical or supplement line we have seen you can give us a call today and start making your life a better one.

One way to deal with pain in this musculoskeletal system that we have is by the use of prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a safe and natural way to inject a boost into our bodies own immune system. It uses simple injections in the targeted, problem areas that allow collagen to start being built up by the body’s immune system in a way that will make your life better. It will start producing collagen, the primary building block in tendons and ligaments and start repairing most damage, stretched out problem areas. This will help in your range of motion and also the amount of pain you feel when exercising your body. Start getting the most out of CrossFit in Tulsa by visiting us or calling us at 918-935-3636.

We go against the grain when it comes to dealing with the way we eat food. When you start looking at food as fuel instead of just a simple social occasion or ritual you can really start living a healthier life. When you walk around Tulsa, Oklahoma it’s plain to see that most people are not eating properly and living healthy lifestyles. And all this is going on while medical costs are rising through the roof. Start taking control of your life today by revolutionizing the way you eat. A lot of times leading a healthier lifestyle through nutrition does not have to do with the amount of food we eat. Stop crash dieting and realizing that it is what kind of foods that you eat that are going to make the difference in your life.

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This Content Was Written by CrossFit in Tulsa

Is one of our patients here at revolution Health and Wellness, it is your job to show up and the rest is on us and our staff here to make sure your body is better. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. believes that by coupling his treatments with CrossFit in Tulsa you can truly start living a better life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you are dealing with any sort of pain associated with the use of rigorous workouts in CrossFit in Tulsa or you are experiencing pain in your musculoskeletal system that is affecting your shoulders, wrists, knees, bats, and other her areas on a consistent basis, you need to give us a call today and start living a healthy, pain-free life. Our number is 918-935-3636 and we or you go to source when it comes to revolutionizing the way you deal with pain in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There are many different factors that you need to understand whenever you’re looking to revolutionize your approach towards medicine. A healthy lifestyle starts out with a proper weight, smoking cessation, exercise, proper nutrition, and pain management. We can focus on all of these areas here at Revolution Health and Wellness. Let us create a special custom fit program for your life. We know that no two people are the same and no two people struggle with the exact areas when it comes to health. We want to find out what are your problem areas and start fixing them today see you can start living a better life. Exercise for example is probably the single most important thing you can do to improve your health. Everyone should be performing some exercise most days of the week. We can show you how to make your exercise diverse and provide resistance training in cardiovascular exercise. Couple us with Tulsa CrossFit and you can start looking like a beast.

If you’re dealing with acute or chronic pain that is really changing the way in quality of your life you need to consider prolotherapy with Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. today. Visit us online at and set up an appointment and consultation about how prolotherapy can dramatically reduce the pain in your life associated with the musculoskeletal system. Prolotherapy is an injection-based treatment that boost the body’s own natural collagen making abilities. Collagen is a primary building block for many of the musculoskeletal system areas including ligaments and tendons. By boosting your body’s own immune system in a safe and effective way you can start getting pain relief you need without worrying about harmful side effects from medications or surgeries.

Feel free to call us today and see about becoming a membership at revolution health and wellness. We have so many ways to make your life better including natural supplements that are paired with exercise and nutrition.