Revolutionary Prolotherapy Treatments for CrossFit

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Revolutionary prolotherapy treatments for CrossFit

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Just like CrossFit is a revolutionary way for you to improve your overall strength and body composition, Revolution health is trying to revolutionize the way that we think about how we recover from injuries and ailments. Revolution health we’re all about assisting the bodies they can recover from injuries that it has succumbed. Many the procedures that we do here all revolve around making sure that the body is exactly what it needs to recover from the injuries it you sustained. It is important that your body is covering for itself so that you will be stronger and reduce the risk of injury of that part of your body in the future.

Because Revolution health have a great Docto in Chad Edwards. Chad Edwards, D.O., is in practicing medicine for several years now. Doctor Edwards is a CrossFit are himself and realize the pains injuries it can come from the work outs there performing CrossFit. Is important you are in tiptop shape when you’re performing CrossFit workouts. They can be very intense and it is very easy enjoy yourself you’re not doing work as correctly because you are injured in another area of your body. This is why prolotherapy is one of the best solutions for making sure that you are staying strong and fit. Is going to make you stronger after the procedure because of the way that it assists the body.

Pro therapy acts as a stimulation for your body to improve upon itself. Will inject solution into the limits, tendons or joints that are in pain. The solution ask as an irritant is going to relieve the pain as well as help the body rebuild the tendons and ligaments in that area. Not only will help rebuild the tens of migrants in that area but also make them up to 40% larger and 50% stronger. This is one of the reasons why prolotherapy so popular with major athletes. Is going to make them stronger in the areas that they were injured before so they can reduce the risk fringing that area again. Reinjury can sometimes be even worse than the original injury.

To find Revolution health you can come in to our office here 2865 E. Kelly Dr., #300, Tulsa, OK. You may also gives a call at 918-935-3636. We also like you to get online to the Revolution health website at On the website you’ll find there several different bits of information that will be very helpful when it comes to selecting the type of treatments you like to have on your injuries. We also have several different options for when it Supplements and living a healthier lifestyle. We believe that the key components of living a healthier lifestyle our nutrition, exercise in the 3Rs. 3Rs consist of rest, reduce stress and were every and exercise.

Revolution health within a make sure that we’re doing anything we can to improve upon our customer service and make sure that we are providing with the best services possible. Is very important to us that each and every one of our customers treatment great respect in the come into the door to their treated with the best services possible. There’s no doubt in our mind we’re going to provide you the great way to recover from any injury that you sustained in CrossFit or any other work out or activity. We offer you choose us for your CrossFit health and wellness to make sure that you are relieved of your pain and injuries.

Relieve the pain with Revolution health and wellness

If you’re looking to relieve the pain from across injuries or any other injury that you have from any activity come into Revolution health. Revolution health practices great post approaches to making sure the the body is recovered in a natural way. We believe that there are three key components when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. We want you to exercise, eat the right foods and practice the 3 yards. The 3R’s consistent producing stress, resting and recovery from the exercises that you do. It is important you to each and every one of these things in your daily life. In order to maintain a healthier lifestyle is also important you stay healthy after your injuries.

It is important that when your recovery from injuries you’re doing so the natural way to your body can recover in the way that it will be stronger than was before. When you come into revolution health and are wanting to relieve the pain of your injuries whether it’s from CrossFit or any other activity we’re going to introduce to you a practice known as prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is way for the body to naturally recover from workouts. It is a practice of injecting a solution into the target areas that is going to assist the body in the stimulation of collagen. This collagen is going to help recover the tendons and ligaments in that area is going to help your body recover from it injury.

In order to recover for the injury safe and effective manner we have you come in for several prolotherapy treatments. The truth will be done over a period of time. This period of time really depends on how your body is responding to a therapy in house going to recover from the injury. When you’re doing CrossFit you’re going to be doing very intense workouts. These injuries can range from being severe to minor. Our Doctor, Doctor Edwards is going to be one of the best people when it comes to working on CrossFit or. Jihad Edwards is across better himself and realize that intense workouts and how they can lead to injuries in certain pains. He knows the importance of a healthy recovery from injuries and CrossFit.

CrossFit is really exploded here in South Tulsa as well as the entire metro area. There over a dozen CrossFit gyms or gyms that offer CrossFit in the Tulsa area. This means that there are several more people involved in CrossFit clubs and that there are more chances of injury. We want to serve the community in a positive way we hope that the CrossFit are cultured Revolution health when it comes to their injury recovery needs. With our prolotherapy program you’re going to recover in a timely manner is going to be in a natural way. Your tendons and ligaments are going to grow by about 40% to be up to 50% stronger than they were before.

If you’re looking for Revolution health you can find us at 2865 East Galli Dr. and Tulsa Oklahoma. You can also reach us by phone and speak with one of our professional staff members at 918-535-3636. We hope you will come in and speak with us in our about how we can help you with a recovery process that is going to revolutionize the way you think about your health and wellness. We know that it quality matters here the revolution health and this is what is really going to set us apart from the other therapy programs. Come into revolution health today meet with Doctor Chad Edwards and talk about your recovery from your entry.