Revolution Health and Wellness for CrossFit Pain

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Revolution Health and Wellness for CrossFit Pain

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If you’re looking to relieve your Tulsa CrossFit pain from an intense workout or injury we hope that you will come into Revolution health and wellness. You can find us a 2865 Easterly Dr., #300, Tulsa, OK. You can also be gives a call at 918-935-3636 is because the professional who can set you up an appointment to the doctor. We have a great Doctor Revolution health that is focused more on finding the cause of the injury rather than treating the symptoms. Doctor Chad Edwards, D.O. is all about making sure that you are getting the treatment you need so that your body can recover and be stronger than was before. After all Doctor Edwards is a Tulsa CrossFit fanatic himself so he realizes the intense workouts that can cost the pains and injuries people sustain.

The Revolution healthy practice a technique known as prolotherapy. Close therapy is been around for over 80 years. It was first 1930s to relieve joint pain infix hernias. It’s improved by far of the last 80 years is truly one of the best ways for your body to recover from injury. It is very simple process that involves injecting fluid in the target area. Target area consist of ligaments and tendons that of been either torn for spring. Way prolotherapy works is the solution is injected is somewhat of an irritant that is going to stimulate the production of collagen. The production of collagen will then help you recover from the injury.

Whether the stimulation works is that when it stimulates the body to produce more collagen they collagen is used to repair the tendons and ligaments. These tendons and ligaments will grow up to 40% and become that 50% stronger than they were before. This really helps and prevention of reinjuring that target area. One of the nicest things about prolotherapy is that it takes a natural course of recovering from an injury. This gives the body time to accommodate for the new changes when it comes to your increase strength so that you will be stronger all over. The body is going to respond naturally make sure that is keeping up with the strength and size of the new ligaments and tendons to help you with your CrossFit Tulsa.

The Revolution health we practice more than just recovery but also prevention. We want to make sure that you are living a healthier lifestyle we believe that this is accomplished by starting a foundation. We like to call that foundation the healthy Trinity. This is because it consists of three components. The first component is 3Rs. This is the rest, reduce stress and recovery from exercising you need to be practicing every day. The second is also the exercise itself. Can you be exercising at least 20 minutes every day to make sure that you are maintaining a healthy body composition. It is also important that nutrition you and take is of high quality. We believe that unhealthy lifestyles are not sustainable.

Whenever you are injured during workout we believe that this can be a direct result of the nutrition you are putting into your body. It is important your body gets proper nutrition so they can remain strong. This is why we focus on getting you natural supplements rather than drugs to improve your health. We want your body to take over into the work itself so that it will be long-lasting. We hope you’ll give us a call here at Revolution health and speak with professional. This is going to help you recover from your workouts can really improve upon your overall healthier lifestyle.


Get the best results the Revolution Health for CrossFit recovery

If you’re looking to recover from injuries that you sustaining CrossFit Tulsa or any other activity you come into Revolution Health and Wellness clinic. Doctor Chad Edwards is the Doctor here Revolution health and is all about making sure that his patients are getting the best care thing can get. This also means that he’s going to make sure that you are recovering in a way that you are going to be stronger than you ever were before. Will to make sure that you know that your body is designed to recover from injuries. This is why we’re going to offer youth prolotherapy. Paul therapy helps stimulate the body to make sure that is going to recover in a timely manner.

Whenever we use prolotherapy is very simple process. We’re so the going to inject a solution and your joint or wherever the pain is occurring and let your body do the rest. This solution is going to none the area somewhat and allow it to increase the amount of collagen produce in that area. This is going to help the reconstruction of the ligaments in the tendons that of been damaged. These limits intends will grow and become a to about 50% stronger. This is going to help you to reduce the risk of reinjuring that part of your body. Re-injuries can be much worse than that original injury itself.

Doctor Chad is a CrossFit Tulsa guy himself. He was doing the work as because they are so randomizing they are truly take an entire body approach. He was to make sure that his entire bodies getting worked out and use that is very important as a body is doing so in a natural way. CrossFit exercises are very natural and they make sure that you are going to get it entire body workout. This is why it is important to do a great recovery program that you can get right here Revolution health and wellness. One only going to help you recover from injuries were also to help you prevent injuries. We offer a great wellness program is going to help you live in a overall healthier lifestyle.

One of things that Doctor Chad Edwards is all about is preventing injuries and ailments. Being a D.O. he is not focused on just the symptoms but the causes as well. It is important you not only recover from injuries but also prevented as well when you are trying set forth your diet plan and exercise plan. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle there are three key elements that we believe are going to help you stay healthy for the rest of your life. The first is having a healthy nutritional diet. It is important that you can take the proper foods that help your body recover and prevent injury.

The second thing that we believe is very important is the exercise that you do each and every day. It is important you stay active make sure that your bodies getting the proper exercising needs to maintain a great body composition. It is also important for your heart is was your overall health both physically and mentally. Last do believe that it is important that you practice the 3Rs. The 3Rs include rest, reduce stress and recovery from workouts. A practicing these three things you’re going to improve your overall health drastically. We hope you’ll come in for Revolution health treatments if you have sustained injury in Tulsa CrossFit or any other activity.