Cross Fit Recovery Right Here at Revolution Health

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Cross Fit Recovery Right Here at Revolution Health

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Revolution health was all about making sure that your body is recovering in a way that is going to be stronger than it was before. When it comes your CrossFit workouts you going to experience a lot of pain if you have an injury for not being in better shape when you’re doing workouts. Doctor Chet Edwards is the Doctor here at Revolution health and wellness. He is a CrossFit are himself and he realizes the intense workouts that you can encounter when you are going to the gym. And Tulsa there been over 12 different CrossFit gyms open in the area. If you’re going to take on CrossFit, that’s great, but you should do so in a safe manner.

Is also important that if you’re doing CrossFit you are feeling pain in your shoulders and knees or anywhere else in your body that you have it checked out by doctor. This could turn into a chronic pain that will be very hard to recover from. When you come in for your checkup will determine if you need prolotherapy or any other treatments we offer. The prolotherapy treatments we offer going to help you recover from injuries in a natural way in your body will be the stronger afterwards. We understand that CrossFit are often all about making sure that the bodies in great shape that it does so in a natural way. After all that is what CrossFit is all about.

CrossFit is been one of the most explosive workout routines in the nation. Especially here in Tulsa it is grown exponentially last few years. We have several more people doing CrossFit in the city of Tulsa and the surrounding areas that we felt it was important to get the word out that we are here to help you recover from injuries. We know the CrossFit can be very intense if not done properly it is also very rewarding. We have nothing against CrossFit, in fact our Doctor is a CrossFit fanatic. We just want you to realize that it is very important you maintain a healthy body in that you are taking the steps necessary to recover from injuries in the pain.

When it comes to prolotherapy it is very simple process. The process of prolotherapy involves injecting a fluid into the joints will target area that you are trying to recover. The flu that you are injecting has a certain amount of sugar basically that is going to help stimulate and produce collagen to repair your tendons and ligaments. The fluid also contained several other commonly used agents they’re going to act as a local anesthetic. This is going to relieve the pain and help your body recover from the injury. Prolotherapy is done every 2 to 6 weeks and its duration is dependent upon how fast you recover from the workout.

If you’re looking for recovery the right way we hope you’ll come into the Revolution health and wellness center. You can find Revolution health at 20 865 East Skelly Dr. in Tulsa Oklahoma. You may also call us and speak with great staff member at 918-935-3636. Stumble put you in touch with the professional customer service representatives here at Revolution health now build a direct your call speaker someone about setting up appointment. We’ll the will set up an appointment to speak with one of our doctors if you’re having an injury or pain from any activity. We assure you it both therapies right way to recover analyze your body to become even stronger than the was before your injury.


Recover with prolotherapy at Revolution health

If you’re suffering injuries from any activity or exercise like CrossFit is important you get the right recovery to make your body stronger. We come into Revolution health at 2865 E. Delhi Dr., #300 and Tulsa Oklahoma you will find that we are very professional and going build provide you with services that are very helpful and proven to be some of the best recovery processes. Revolution health and wellness practices prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a very simple process that allows your body to recover in a way that is going to be stronger that was for the injury. This is a great way for you to recover from injuries from CrossFit Tulsa and other intense activities.

CrossFit Tulsa is really expanded and is becoming more and more popular among the Tulsa community. Although we highly recommend that you do activity such as CrossFit want you do so in a safe way. At Revolution health and wellness clinic we believe that there are three key components to living a healthier lifestyle making sure that you are getting your body what it needs to survive. We believe that nutrition, exercise and the 3Rs what makes your body get everything that needs to be healthy. The 3Rs consist of recovery from exercise, reduce stress and rest. All these are very important if you’re going to live a healthier lifestyle and your bodies going to be maintained to a long time.

We also believe that nutrition is very important here at Revolution health and wellness. We believe that how you respond to certain activities in your life is a direct result of quality food that you are eating. Revolution health and wellness we’re all about taking a more holistic approach to make sure that you’re getting the proper supplements and nutrition guidelines to help you recover on your own. The body is designed to recover on its own to make sure that it is surviving whatever is thrown at it. You’re capable of recovering from injuries all you need is the proper stimulations. We try to practice giving nutritional supplements and drug with prescriptions to improve the health without the numerous side effects.

Is important when you are recovering from work out, injury or any other strenuous activity that you do so in a natural way. Rather than feeding your body a lunch of drugs that are unnatural you should think about ways to prevent injury and pain after workout. One of the ways to do this is to eat healthier and recover better after each and every workout. This one thing that prolotherapy is all about. Whenever it comes to recovering from your injuries it does so in a nice and easy manner so the body can accommodate the injury incorrect.

Healthy you will contact us here Revolution health and speak with us about what you are trying to do when it comes to recovery from injury, strenuous workout or other activity. If you give us a call at 918-935-3636 will be sure to get you in for an appointment and speak with one of our doctors. Doctor Chad Edwards is truly a great D.O. is going to help you find the cause of the elements or injuries and fix them. He is going to do more than just fixed symptoms but also to help you prevent further injury in the future. Note that you will contact us here Revolution health because we are ready talk about your recovery today.