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Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa | Journey to Health

Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa application they found right here at Revolution Health & Wellness. They are heralded as being the very best health and wellness clinic here in Oklahoma. You’ll be extremely surprised at the amount of knowledge and experience that Dr. Chad were told. If you’re looking to help regulate your hormones I highly recommend make an appointment today with Revolution Health & Wellness. You’ll be blown away by their unique approach to health and wellness. Many people think taking a pill will eliminate their problems. The truth is this is just one big Band-Aid that is covering up your problem underneath. So many people who think going to the doctor once every few months to get the prescription refilled are really doing is a huge disservice instead of finding and identifying the root cause of the illness. This is where Dr. Chad Edwards excels. He understands that the body works into with every single organ in the body. When this harmony is disrupted that is when diseases and illnesses begin to surface up in many people.

Find the best Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa service provider right here Revolution Health & Wellness. They have been featured on channel 8 news, Channel 2 news, the news on six, KR energy talk radio, news channel 9, Tulsa world and many other local news and magazine outlet. He is bringing a new approach to the way many people view healing. We have been so indoctrinated by doctors and surgeries that we think that is the only way to heal our bodies. But the truth is our bodies have the power to heal themselves when they are fully supplied with a enormous amounts of nutrients. Unfortunately for us, as a quality of our food is drastically dropping with the invention of GM owes we must find alternative remedies in order to get the nutrients that we need to function well. He uses a mix of many different applications and practices to get to the true cause of your pain and illness. While many doctors usually just do a pill to put a Band-Aid over your problem instead of actually fixing your issues.

If you are looking for Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa will area you have found right here Revolution Health & Wellness. They are offering a amazing holistic approach to complete health and wellness. You’ll be surprised at how much Dr. Chad Edward Nelson up a human body and how it all functions in unity. Whenever one organ or part of the body is awesome we will begin to see diseases and illnesses. He will get in and diagnose and identify where your problem is coming from in order to return your body to homeostasis. How many people don’t know too much about holistic medicine and it has got a bad reputation the past. But the truth is nature was always here to help alleviate our problems. In fact nowadays with many drugs prescribed by doctors they are all derived from nature, we just have the hubris and audacity to synthesize it and think that we can make it better.

As hard as we try man can never replicate nature, no matter how smart the scientists who say they can. Don’t believe it. You must connect with nature in order to live a healthy and fulfilled life. I highly encourage you to reach out to revolution help today to see how his unique approach to healing your mind and body can greatly benefit you.

Have any questions comments or concerns now is your chance to reach out to Revolution Health & Wellness. They are the number one holistic healing service provider here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You’ll be so glad you took the opportunity to reach out to them. Get to feeling well soon by calling (918) 935-3636 or visit