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If you have been searching for a while for Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa, then you should not hesitate to give us a call at any given time. We love the fact that you found us, and we cannot wait to show you what we can do for you in your present life, as well as the applications of this while for your future both immediate and program. You can call us anytime at 918 – 935 – 3636 because here at Revolution health and wellness, we believe in you and we believe that there should be no more delay in getting back to your healthiest self.

Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa can be very confusing. If you want to come in and see us as well, we are located at 12142 S. Yukon Avenue. Glenpool, Oklahoma. Please feel free to go to our testimonials page because we know that you will be very inspired get out of the chair into make a phone call that will change your life forever. We know that there are so many people out there who have tried everything to take care of their health problems and yet still nothing has worked. Let us be the solution that you have been looking for for so long, and no, we are not to be true.

We are for real we are great at handling Bioidentical Hormones Tulsa! We have been in the healthcare business for many many years and many of us knew that we want to do this even when small children. We knew that we had a purpose in life and now we’re fulfilling that purpose. In the beginning we did not feel like fulfilling the purpose of much, but now that we are taking a holistic approach and actually healing people it is a whole new game. We never knew that would be possible to actually make this much of a difference in so many different people’s lives, but it is because it’s happening.

If you would like to at any time and you do not feel like calling, you can go to our contact page This is a very effective way to get into contact with us, or to watch the videos of the driving directions you will need to reach our office. Another thing we do is sign up for the revolution email newsletter at the bottom of the page. You will always stay up to date on all the different revolution in health and wellness things that you need to be current on.

Also, we have a new location so our building is pristine and is ready for business. Our hours of operation are as follows, Monday we’re open 8 AM to 5 PM, 20 open 9 AM to 3 PM, 10 8 AM to 5 PM, Thursday is eight and 5 PM, Friday is a.m. to 12 PM. If you do not know your way around Glenpool come to the station watch the video on YouTube that we have so that you can get a visual on where exactly were located. Another thing you can do is to scroll to the top of our contact page and click on on Facebook or Twitter buttons.