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Bioidentical hormones Jenks clinc, Revolution Health & Wellness is clearly your best choice for a holistic doctor. You’re not familiar with holistic doctors you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I highly encourage you to visit Dr. Chad Edwards and his staff in order to get to the root cause of your pain and illness. The path to health is long and winding, but it is a path that you can walk up. Many people here in America think taking a pill is a cure-all for all types of diseases and illnesses. But the truth is this is just one big bandage your putting over your gaping wound. It is doing nothing but slowing down the decay of your wound and not actually helping to heal its. We take so many synthetic medicines and fake food that is no wonder the health of Oklahoma and is deteriorating. Thankful for us there is one Dr. who is trying actively to change the stigma associated with holistic medicine.

You will be able to find Bioidentical hormones Jenks area right here at Revolution Health & Wellness. They are the highest rated and reviewed holistic health clinic here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Chad Edwards is chock-full of knowledge and he is constantly dropping truth bombs on patients. If you are trying to get your health back together I strongly suggest make an appointment today with Dr. Chad Edwards and his amazing team here at Revolution Health & Wellness. Bio identical hormones will help many people who have a hormone imbalance. No one is really 100% sure what are hormone imbalances come from. It to be the food, could be the water, it could be genetics. Odds are it’s a combination of all three. Thankfully for us we had Dr. Chad Edwards on our side who is actively fighting for our health and help you to show us the way to living healthy.

Come stop by Revolution Health & Wellness for your Bioidentical hormones Jenks today. I guarantee you’ll love talking with Dr. Edwards as he is always studying the latest holistic practices. Many people like to laugh and think that holistic medicine is garbage. The truth is holistic medicine has been here from the beginning and this is simply a gift from God. You were made from the service and so is everything else has here to kill you. I believe every single plants and animal on this earth has a purpose. Unfortunately us humans that are hubris makes us think that we know more than nature itself. But let me tell you, nature is the best alchemist ever. They turned sunlight, soil and water into magnificent compounds that have a wide array of applications. Many of which humans have no idea.

If you’d like to schedule your very first appointment here at Dr. Chad’s clinic at Revolution Health & Wellness I would suggest visiting their website first. On the website you’ll see it’s in a list of services that they offer to the wonderful Tulsa community. They have many different applications that they can use in order to get to the main problem in your life. Taking a pill and thinking your healthy, health is a balance of many parts of the human body. When one part is out of whack or imbalances it can throw off your entire body. This is why the sport to get plenty of rest exercise and nutritious food whenever you are venturing on this path to wellness.

So please reach out to Revolution Health & Wellness today. Visit their website for more information at or feel free to give them a call today at (918) 935-3636.