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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Bioidentical hormones Jenks | A better way to health.

This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness.

Dr. Chad Edwards is leading the way to a health and wellness Revolution here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His unique hands-on holistic approach to identifying and treating the root cause of many illnesses and disease is changing the way many people view modern medicine and thus turning them on to a new holistic approach. He uses many different types of applications and his complete wellness and health systems including bioidentical hormones Jenks and surrounding cities. He also uses an extensive means; nutrition, exercise, herbals, rest, acupuncture, medication, chiropractor and many many more applications in order to get to the root cause of what is ailing you.

If you are looking for bioidentical hormone Jenks Oklahoma, then look no further than revolution health and wellness the leader in your new holistic approach to healing. He is committed and dedicated to delivering the highest service to his clients, through natural and holistic healing. This is not a crackpot Dr., This is the doctor who knows exactly how to get to the main cause of many illnesses that plague the population today. You ever wonder why somebody people are sick and constantly taking antibiotic shots or Z-packs, well take a look at our food, water and air all have heavy metals and toxins in them. Our bodies are meant to heal themselves and, but due to our diets and poor food and water bodies are having a harder and harder time repairing themselves. This is where revolution health and wellness comes into play, do his extremely unique approach to hands-on healing you will be able to guide you to a better way of living without the nasty pharmaceuticals.

Revolutionary health and wellness clinic has appeared on news channel 8, Channel 2 news, news on six, KRMG talk radio, news channel 9, Tulsa world newspaper and many other local news and magazine. He has been heralded as a new approach to healing and many people are flocking to revolution health and wellness for bioidentical hormones Jenks Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Isn’t it ironic that the first dictum of medicine is ‘primum non-nocere or do you no harm first. In all reality every single medication prescribes today have adverse or unintentional effects that go hand in hand with the intended effects, this is simply truth. And Dr. Chad’s experience has been that we can get as good if not better effects from using natural substance including herbs, foods and supplements rather than modern-day medications. Impact if you take a real close look at from pharmaceutical industry you will realize that many pharmaceuticals are synthesized from ingredients in nature. It’s our own hubris that makes us think that we can make nature better and more efficient in regards to healing, this is false as nature was designed perfectly by our Creator.

Many natural herbs and supplements have much lower risks of unintended and adverse effects in patients that there is a way to treat this dysfunction actually the news always a better option. Hippocrates states “let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” This is extremely powerful as medicine and food used to be synonymous, but as our culture moves towards more genetically modified organisms it is getting increasingly difficult to eat healthy and the supplier bodies properly with the nutrients it needs. If you’re looking for bioidentical hormones Jenks Oklahoma look no further than revolution health and wellness.

I highly encourage you to visit to get an idea of the better services that Dr. Chad Edwards and his staff offer or give his office a call at (918) 935-3636 and they’ll be more than happy to schedule time for you to come in and let Dr. Edwards get to the root cause of your illness. The path to health is in your hands, call or visit Dr. Chad Edwards at Revolution health and wellness today!