BHRT tulsa | Wonderful results found

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BHRT tulsa | Wonderful results found

Hello again and welcome to another article by me. I’m sitting here in a little room very small learning about a wonderful thing offered at . This wonderful thing is Called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, better known as bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Call 918-935-3636 because We are one of Tulsa’s premier places to offer and if you’re looking for your own treatment look no further because we have the best the BHRT tulsa has to offer.

Now with bio identical hormone replacement therapy it uses a synthetic hormone known in the scientific realm as he ETONORGESTREL. And As You Can See I this word for reason. I did that because there are some side effects to this they include an increased appetite which means they are probably getting eat some extra food and what happens and we eat extra food? Weight gain. Now for some well let’s admit it for most we don’t want that but there are people like my sister for instance who needs to gain some weight.

Another side effect is fluid retention now that also adds to the waking you know whenever you hear people talk about water weight. Irritability now I’m sure a lot of you don’t need any more of that in your life but you might get some. Some other effects can include depression so don’t be too sad to smile a lot headaches. Don’t get me started on headaches they are just about the worst thing ever but be BHRT Tulsa has other ways to help with that. Like their chiropractor, in my experience as my headaches have been linked to back pain. Another side effect be decreased energy to make sure to pump up on that caffeine hit up some coffee some red bull don’t mix too much of it together though that I give you some crazy side effects not from the synthetic in this stuff but just from all the It can cause bloating which won’t necessarily make you weigh anymore it’ll just make you look like you way more.

But we can continue on later in another installment with more side effects. Don’t let the side effects deter you from trying out BHRT therapy because according to our customers that the life changer. But don’t take my word for it check out our numerous reviews. Check out our videos to if you are not one that into reading. The beauty of this therapy is that you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body. I’ve gone to plenty of doctors who say oh yes take this pill it’ll make you feel better or it’s all in your head or they might even just pat me on the back give me some fake medicine no simplest placebo pills and put me out the door and on my way.

Which is nice and all but if the pain is still there and I’m not feeling very therapeutic then what’s the point. My friends don’t let another second pass by without trying to BHRT tulsa. give us a call at 918-935-3636. or hit us up at to get some renewed hormones.