With alternative medicine we can stop pain

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

With alternative medicine we can stop pain

This content was written for revolution health

Here at Revolution Health and Wellness we specialize in prolotherapy which is a form of alternative medicine here in Tulsa. We also offer BHRT Tulsa. Some of these forms of alternative medicine will help relieve pain. In ourTulsa clinic we can talk to you about the history of your pain and perform certain types procedures to determine exactly what would help benefit you. Location of your pain isn’t always the exact spot that we take care. So go ahead and give us a call today at 918-935-3636. We will be happy to explain to you what you can expect from your prolotherapy treatment.

We will come up with a personalized treatment plan that will help customize to your exact medical needs and we can also help maximize your results. We can discuss different kinds of conditions plus the cost of the treatment will grandma plan that’s best for you. We have certain guidelines until her patience will be can we can do. First you should when it ice as much as possible in China to use any anti-fighter medications like ibuprofen rasping which can all inhibit the healing process.

You also help you with your eating habits in order to help with you as well. We want our patients to be prepared for the injections which can be painful. However the pain from each injection only last for a few seconds compared to living with the pain every single day. After treatment is complete should start with moving in exercising and applying heat. Plus we want you to get adequate amount of sleep and to get the correct nutrition. Alternative medicine in Tulsa can greatly decrease your pain and give you back your life as well as other options like BHRT Tulsa.

One of our patients ask why they are hurting in one place and injecting another spot of your body. You may be suffering from pain in your knees but that pain could be actuall coming from your back may not be a knee problem at all. So you come and we can give you an exact proper examination and we recommend the coming dressed comfortably and athletic clothing. If you’re including gets in the way of the proper examination the you’ll be asked to put on down.

Once we complete your examination we will determine the exact kind of therapy treatment you may need. sometimes we perform not only in your first procedure sometimes we may need to schedule a follow-up appointment for your return. We tell you exactly how works and what you can expect of us as well some of the risk and the benefits of the treatment. The prolotherapy has been proven to be the best way to reduce pain and improve functionality in the long-term. It’s definitely watching the most medications and physical therapy plus surgery.

You don’t need to live in pain anymore.

This content was written for revolution health

Our country needs a huge change on the way we look at health and wellness. It’s very important that we move towards approaching a huge goal Italy don’t rely on the medications sold solution to our problems. Here at our office will shave importance of a brand-new way to its approaching health and medicine. With this approach we focus on weight quitting smoking and exercise as well as pain management at revolution health and wellness we can help you can expect on your optimal health’s go ahead and give us a call today so gives a call today at 918-935-3636

Major focus for our health is improving nutritional status and getting more exercise. We believe that getting the right amount nutrition is essential for your your health. Getting proper nutrition can dramatically improve your health so we focus on the large time of this to help improve it we also might want to look at BHRT Tulsa. what you exercise on a regular basis because this is where the most important things you can do. And when she would in some sort of exercise almost every day to week.
To cardiovascular exercise as well as resistance.

We had to help our patients with pain management as well. If you have chronic pain we can help locate causes the pain and come of the best treatment plans as an alternative to medicines. It’s on a rare occasion that we cannot find a treatable cause to repaint. Vicious is rare that we Prescribed in the sort of controlled substance to her patients. If you’re looking to receive narcotics or controlled substance for your pain and when I can be the recording for you. If narcotics are part of your treatment plan to make should have stood policies that include assessing your pain in needs for continuing on the narcotics.

Part of this process is checking your body mass index. We will never get down on you or make you feel bad about yourself and it comes your way your body mass index. However we will most certainly bring it up to you on almost every visit that’s how important it is. You don’t want to be over beasts will be huge because that’s a big effect to your pain.

One thing you might want to look at is BHRT Tulsa. Another important health issue us of her patients have is smoking. Smoking cigarettes is where the most horrible thing you can do for a person. Smoking is huge determining factor to health issues and stopping smoking is the best choice you can make for your body. We know that smoking is a very heart have to quit. So we will help you in anyway we can to help you stop. If you’re smoker quitting the first step is maybe the best way to achieve health benefits

We have a solution that could help your pain

This content was written for revolution health

We’ve been helping patients find a relief for several years now. Dr. Edwards has amazing degrees and graduated from Oklahoma State University. He is certified in family medicine and is an emergency physicians and hospitals. He really wanted to help revolutionize healthcare in Tulsa and so that’s exactly what he’s planning to do. He can also help with BHRT Tulsa. So gives a call today at 918-9353 66 and let us know how we can help achieve the best kind of help from today.

Here revolution health Dr. Edwards is can help focus on different kinds of sports medicine as well as a preventative strategy to help your overall health and reduce the risk of disease or injury. We believe that it’s better to be proactive instead of traffics a problem after Nardi has happened. Want to helping you thrive on being able to help you with your health and help you be as camp. So this is another way to help you realize it’s super important to have a proper healthy lifestyle. So quite waiting and give them a call today.

A proper lifestyle includes having great exercise good selection of nutrition. Body composition and quitting smoking is can help reduce stress and give you great supplements is needed. We address these main components of living a great life we ensure that it can have a great healthy benefit of the end. I revolution health and wellness we also use of solution: prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is can help with collagen if you continue reading you can help learn more.

Many muscular skeleton pains are due to ligaments or tendons relaxation. This happens when there is damage certain areas of instability. We use prolotherapy to help inject the solution into several damaged areas. Which is going to stay me into an inflammatory response which is going to help with the first of the healing process. Prolotherapy is a very powerful and MI flan inventory and by stimulating the healing cascade it’s going to help you with your body to help heal itself.

The bodies that heal itself in a complex inflammatory process that consisted of three different phases. The first is inflammatory which happens within the first 36 hours right after the injury. The next phase is called proliferative which approximate takes 36 hours to six weeks in the third phase is called remodeling which is takes from six weeks to 18 months. Most patients 183 to 6 procedures scheduling about 3 to 4 weeks apart. So they give us a call today we can start helping you relieve your pain