What Does BHRT Tulsa Really Mean?

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

What is BHRT Tulsa?

This content was written for Revolution Health

  Have you heard the term BHRT Tulsa tossed around? Are you wondering what in the world is BHRT? BHRT  stands for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This is a therapy utilized if you are having issues with having normal hormone levels in your body. If you do not have normal hormone levels in your body, many things can happen, and they are typically not the good types of things. You can have a reduced sex drive. You could have constant tiredness and fatigue. You can start losing muscle mass.  There are a whole host of issues that you can have if your hormones are not where they need to be. This is where bio-identical hormone replacement therapy comes in handy. Contact Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness by calling 918-935-3636 to learn more.

Dr. Edwards is an osteopathic doctor which is different than in allopathic doctor.  When most people think of a doctor, they are thinking of an M.D.  An M.D. is an allopathic doctor. Allopathic doctors are trained in medicine hence the name medical doctor. However, osteopathic doctors are trained both in medicine and in the holistic approach osteopathy to help the body repair itself. They are trained in the healing arts of manipulation, functional medicine, nutrition, exercise, and so forth. This gives them a far deeper understanding of the human body than allopathic doctor have.

Therefore when people go to Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness to discuss BHRT Tulsa they are in really good hands. You see Dr. Edwards wants to ensure that he exhausts every single form of non-hormone replacement therapy before he jumps into bio-identical hormone replacement treatments. The reason being is because once you start getting into hormone replacement therapy things can get a little bit dicey. You are now playing with something that is a little bit hard to control. Whereas if you optimize your body to produce and maintain optimal hormones on its own it can handle what your body needs on a self-regulatory basis.

The amount of hormones that your body needs can change based on the needs of your environment and your activities. Therefore finding the exact amount of hormones that is going to work optimally for you sometimes can be difficult. However, Dr. Edwards is a pro at making sure that if he cannot maximize your hormones without hormone therapy that he is able to do it with hormone therapy. He understands exactly what each hormone is supposed to do. This allows him to be able to adjust your bio-identical hormone levels to achieve the desired result.

Now that you know what BHRT Tulsa is you can start asking yourself the question if you need it. The fastest and most sure way to figure out if you need it is to give Dr. Edwards at Revolution Health and Wellness a call. You will set up a consultation with him and discuss any health issues that you may be having. Maybe you don’t need hormone replacement therapy maybe you just need a targeted protocol of supplementation and functional medicine. Whatever issues you may be having Dr. Edwards is the first step in the process to figuring out what the treatment needs to be to remedy the issue. Give Dr. Edwards a call by dialing 918-935-3636.