Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Back Pain Healing Tulsa| Podcast 10 – Part 5

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Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Back Pain Healing Tulsa| Podcast 10 – Part 5

Brian:  That’s one. Name another one that in your medical career, over the span of your career, that’s kind of been, at one time, when you first started, maybe was generally accepted, now it’s kind of like, “Okay, we don’t accept it.” Would it be cholesterol?

Dr. Edwards:  One that comes to mind is that for acute high blood pressure, when someone came in and their blood pressure was through the roof, we used to give propranolol and we’d take a little capsule and put it under their tongue. We actually found out that that causes harm. Women’s health … Oh, good grief, what’s the name of that study … It was on a hormone replacement therapy, published in …

Brian: Boos, Boos study.

Dr. Edwards: No. It was published in 2002, I believe, talking about hormone replacement therapy for women and how it was protective for cardiovascular disease. They actually stopped the study early because they found out that it was actually causing cardiovascular disease. They stopped it early because there was so much harm that they couldn’t continue the study. We see stuff like that all the time.

Brian: Wow.

Dr. Edwards: Prior to that, we thought that hormone replacement therapy was actually protective. There is some nonsense out there about red meat and cancer. The World Health Organization recently declared it a group one carcinogen, on the same level of tobacco, based on zero sound scientific evidence. They are basing it off of some very poor epidemiologic associations that are uncontrolled with other risk factors.

Brian: Right. I think about one big one … I want to talk about this, only because when you do a show that says, “Hey, I’m challenging MRIs and surgery,” that’s a fairly big claim. I was watching the show Concussion, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, with Will Smith. Marshall, do you know what I’m talking about? NFL?

Marshall: Yeah.

Brian: Yeah, so I’m watching the show and the basic gist of it is, and I think it’s the perfect discussion around what we’re talking about right now, is for years and years and years, the NFL has denied proof of concussions, that football causes concussions. This movie is based on a true story about a, I think it’s a Nigerian doctor working in the United States, did an autopsy on football players and found that there was a disproportionately high number that had brain injuries, life-threatening brain injuries, distort their personalities. It’s interesting, in the movie, how the medical industry flat out denied it, in the beginning, not because there wasn’t conclusive proof, because as we know now, there was. It was because there is an establishment.

For an example, there are probably a few number of people that make a lot of money on MRIs and people need to understand that. They have agendas and they have profits and they have probably some evidence that they like to claim, that probably is true, but it’s not the best. The consumer needs to educate themselves.

Dr. Edwards: Let’s be clear, I want to be very clear about this. If anyone, the physician included, if the physician is benefiting at the patient’s benefit, I’m all for it. If the physician is benefiting at the expense of the patient, they should be shamed.

Brian: Right, that’s great. That’s a great quote. Our system isn’t set up in such a way, and I think the NFL is a great example of that, great case study on it, that just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s regulated the way it should be.

Dr. Edwards: That’s right.

Brian: I think I take away from today’s show, as I do every show, and I’m so proud of you, I really am, for having the courage to come on a show like this and tell the truth.

Dr. Edwards: Thank you. I’ve got to sleep at night and the only way I can do it is to do the best I can to make sure that we’re doing the best we can for the biggest number of people.

Brian: I like to pick on you because you are smart and you are successful and you need to be humbled.

Dr. Edwards: Thanks, Brian. I appreciate that.

Brian: The thing I like most about you is you’ve dedicated your life to people and I really think it can’t be just about your practice and the amount of money you make. I think this show is all about purpose. I heard someone once say there’s a difference between purpose and success. I believe you’re living out your purpose and that is to help people recognize that the simple things in medicine, like MRIs and surgeries, aren’t the only option for them, and I think it’s what you do well.

Dr. Edwards: Zig Ziglar said if you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.

Brian: You know, I just said that the other day and you ripped it off. I said that to you and you used it on the show. There should be regulation on the show.

Dr. Edwards: You think?

Brian:  Right. There should be regulation on the show. But I do want listeners to know, the fact of this show is it’s not regulated, that is the truth. We’re just two average schmoes here, happen to be highly educated, which is a surprise to most people.

Dr. Edwards: Well, at least we have degrees.

Brian: We have degrees, yeah, I wouldn’t call that education. That’s a great point, by the way. Maybe we’ll have a show about that.

Dr. Edwards: There you go.

Brian: How little we actually learned. I do think listeners need to understand that this is a show that’s very organic, very much intended to help people, and profit is not the center.

Dr. Edwards:  I haven’t gotten a paycheck for this.

Brian: I definitely haven’t. I know I’m bringing so much to this show, I should at least get a couple thousand dollars an episode.

Dr. Edwards: I thought it was just getting to hang out with me that was your payment.

Brian:   Right. I met with Duck Dynasty a couple weeks ago, I really did. They get paid for their shows. I found that out when I was there. I’m like, “This is new to me.”

Dr. Edwards:  I believe they get paid well.

Brian: Yeah, that’s what they were saying. That’s what somebody else told me. That’s kind of a joke. I’m just saying, you should consider that, payment. That would take away purpose, right?

Dr. Edwards:  No.

Brian:  No, it wouldn’t? We’re getting so sidetracked on this show and people just turned it off, but I do want people to know to stay tuned because if you believe in purpose in medicine, if you believe that they somehow connect, I encourage you to stick with Dr. Chad Edwards and this show and we appreciate you listening. We’ll see you next time.

Dr. Edwards: Thanks, Brian.

Announcer:  Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast with Dr. Chad Edwards. Tune in next week, where we’ll be going against the grain.