Jump In To A New Exercise Program

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Jump In To A New Exercise Program

This Content was Written for the Alternative Medicine Tulsa Experts and Revolution Health

This content has been created to help patients to find us and is not designed to help treat or prevent illness for medical care. Call us today at 918-935-3636

Your body can be falling apart if you eat perfectly and exercise extensively but are overstressed. You have to focus on which area of the Trinity is right for you to focus on. Here at Revolution health we can take care of all of these needs and all of your alternative medicine Tulsa needs by providing you the very best in pain relief for chronic pain. It’s all just one call away when you call Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O.

Give us a call today at 918-935-3636 to find out how we can give you nonsurgical pain relief and the very best body possible to participate in the highest levels of Tulsa CrossFit. Alternative Medicine in Tulsa is provided with expertise whenever you visit Revolution Health & Wellness. One of the best things going on in Tulsa right now is CrossFit. When you use us for Alternative Medicine in Tulsa, we can prepare you to get into CrossFit shape. You cant just simply jump into a rigorous exercise program like CrossFit, or if you have been in CrossFit for a while and are needing relief from all the pain that is caused with working your body to the max, look no further than Revolution health. We can service all of your Tulsa CrossFit needs and give your body the relief it needs to perform at your best.

It’s time to get a level of function and metabolic efficiency that becomes a thriving human being. It is a general condition of a person’s mind body and spirit that encompasses a person’s health. It usually means free from illness or injury and pain. It’s important to be responsible when you’re active. If you have been working your body to the extreme or if you’re about to get ready to get into a new exercise routine you need to make sure your bodies in check before going out and hurting yourself permanently. We can take take care of your pain here at Revolution health. Health is not merely the absence of disease. The health in America is at an all-time low, people are getting fatter and people are becoming more lazy.

Come see us for all your prolotherapy needs here at Revolution health. Get ready for Tulsa CrossFit like you’ve never seen it before. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things about staying healthy and we can give you all the support you need here at Revolution health. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. will lead you into a new era of functionality into your body ready to perform Tulsa CrossFit. Optimal health is my goal says Dr. Edwards. We believe the optimal health is a condition in which the body so finely tuned that it operating at optimal efficiency enable perform at the limits of its capacity in a moments notice. Prolotherapy is one way to get this done. The therapy is the injection into the hurt area that will restore collagen to ligaments and joints. It is a safe procedure which gets great testimonials and a knowledge met from all over the place.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

This Content was Written for the Alternative Medicine Tulsa Experts and Revolution Health

You need to be proactive when it comes to your health and Dr. Chad Edwards can show you how to do that Revolution Health & Wellness. We can dramatically change the lives of the people we help and we look forward to starting out right 918-935-3636. We’ll tell you what you can do to help out.United States of America is searching for a revolution when it comes to health and wellness. We offer the revolution you’re looking for to Alternative Medicine in Tulsa. It is imperative that our country starts moving towards a healthier lifestyle that is not solely dependent on medication and therapy for medical problems.

One of the things that we focus on in our approach is your weight. Part of getting you to your optimal physical health is by getting you to your ideal Body Mass Index or weight. We approach this subject with sensitivity and respect, and we will never make you feel bad about yourself. However, we will most likely address your BMI at every one of your visits. It is THAT important in keeping you healthy!

At Revolution Health and Wellness, we know that quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, and we are here to help in any way that we can. If you are a smoker, quitting will be the first step to optimizing your health. Another issue that we focus on is helping you to quit smoking. Smoking cigars, pipes or cigarettes is the single worst thing that anyone can do to themselves and to those around them. Smoking is a huge contributor to a vast number of health problems, so stopping smoking is the absolute best thing that you can do for your health.

It’s important that your exercise plan includes both resistance/strength training and cardiovascular/aerobic exercise. Exercising regularly can also make a significant difference in our patients that suffer from Tulsa low back pain. We also focus on nutrition and exercise. Proper nutrition is essential for optimal health. Having proper nutrition can drastically improve your health, and we will help you come up with a plan to improve your nutrition. Aside from quitting smoking, exercising on a regular basis is probably the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health. Everyone should be performing some type of exercise on most days of the week.

If you have ongoing chronic pain, then we will be happy to discuss the benefits of prolotherapy with you. Revolution Health and Wellness put a large focus on natural pain management. If you have acute or chronic pain, then we will figure out the cause and come up with a treatment plan that includes alternative therapy in Tulsa. It is rare that we cannot identify a treatable cause of your pain. It is also rare that we will prescribe controlled substances on a regular basis, so if you are looking for narcotics, then we may not be the clinic for you.