Be Free from Pain and Start Enjoying Your Life

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Be Free from Pain and Start Enjoying Your Life

This Content was Written for the Alternative Medicine Tulsa Experts and Revolution Health

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When it comes to practicing holistic, functional medicine in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Edwards is a professional at Alternative Medicine in Tulsa. Revolution Health & Wellness was started with the idea that nutrition and proper Alternative Medicine in Tulsa can be some of the most important factors when it comes to your overall health. We want to sit you down and go over all of the common reasons for less than optimal health, and then walk you through a program designed to make you function better overall. Call Dr. Edwards today at 918-935-3636 and we promise to get you in better health than you ever thought possible before. Most Americans are unhealthy due to our culture, but we can show you how to break the cultural trends and enjoy your life through optimum health.

Doctor Edwards believes in God and believes that His son, Jesus Christ, is his personal Lord and Savior. He prays for all of his patients and believes that Jesus died for everyone of every religion. Dr. Edwards never wants to make you feel uncomfortable by his faith, but he will pray that you will come to know Jesus if you haven’t already. Dr. Edwards strongly believes that God called him into this profession in order to help others live their best life with the help of alternative medicine in Tulsa. He will do his absolute best to help you achieve optimal health.

There is a long list of serious diseases that can be attributed, at least in part, to poor nutrition, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Chron’s disease, hyperlipidemia, digestive problems, stomach pains, osteoporosis, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and many more. Good nutrition is about so much more than portion control and eating the right amount; it’s about eating the right kinds of foods. When you begin to eat the right kinds of food, then the quantity becomes much less important. Eating to optimize your health means you need to start thinking of your food as your fuel. This is opposite of the typical “American way” of using food for social gatherings, holidays, comfort, rewards, etc.

Gluten, for example, increases overall inflammation in the body, and also causes most of the autoimmune conditions, such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid disorders, and many more. Most of our patients can’t believe that many of these conditions can be adequately treated with nutrition and alternative medicine in Tulsa alone. For conditions that can’t be completely treated with nutrition and alternative medicine alone, we can at least accomplish a decrease in the dose of medications that are being used to currently treat the condition. This will help to decrease the often unwanted side effects of medications due to the new, lower doses. No matter what, improving your nutrition is a win win situation.

To achieve optimal nutrition, we want our patients to establish their goal and then continually work towards that goal. You will also need to eat whole, natural foods whenever possible, and ideally try to get as much of this food locally as possible. It’s also important to eat as much variety as possible, which will ensure a good intake of nutrients. We also recommend eliminating gluten altogether, and reduce, if not completely eliminate grains as much as possible. Following these guidelines will get you started on the path to achieving optimal health through proper nutrition.

Nonsurgical Pain Relief in Your Hometown

This Content was Written for the Alternative Medicine Tulsa Experts and Revolution Health

When it comes to Alternative Medicine in Tulsa you will look no further than a partner in Revolution Health & Wellness. We have nonsurgical pain relief at that will help you overcome the pain that is associated with the vigorous workouts of CrossFit in Tulsa. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already needing some pain therapy due to rigorous workouts we can be the solution for you. Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is well-versed in Alternative Medicine in Tulsa and pain reduction in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Give us a call today at 918-935-3636 or visit us online at and find out how you can stop living with pain and start leading a healthier lifestyle today. Revolution health and wellness is here for you when it comes to Alternative Medicine in Tulsa.

One solution for your chronic pain could be the use of a prolotherapy treatment. Prolotherapy uses injections that boost your body’s own natural immune system to start kicking butt and making college and rebuild all your damaged ligaments and tendons. The primary building block for many of the man’s musculoskeletal system is collagen. Immune system are makes collagen. What the shots do is boost the body’s immune system to start making college and at a faster rate so that your body’s processes work in an amazing manner. You’ll be astounded to learn that you can live pain free and continue working out a CrossFit gyms in Tulsa. CrossFit in Tulsa is blowing up and it’s an excellent way to stay in shape. Stay in the game with Revolution health and wellness.

We believe that proper nutrition is about eating the right kinds of foods. Is so much more than portion control when it comes to eating right. Stop crash dieting and not getting the results you need. You can start eating the right things and you shouldn’t be too much either but when you eat the right foods the quantity becomes much less important. It’s time to start thinking about food as fuel. That is what true health means. This is difficult for many Americans due to how we view food. We view food for social gatherings, comfort, holidays, rewards, etc. Change your mind about food in you can change your healthy lifestyle.

Our ancestors probably were not nutrition experts but they were far more healthy. Difference is that they didn’t have all the junk available to we have today. Think about all the processed food that we cram down our goal it’s on a daily basis. Take a step back and start eating natural and nutrients dense diets that will current food options consist of high calorie processed foods that deplete our nutrition. Find out more about how you can start participating to your max capacity in Tulsa CrossFit by giving us a call at 918-935-3636. Our experts and Dr. Chad Edwards, D.O. is standing by ready to give you the very best in health.