Stop Suffering With the Help of Alternative Medicine in Tulsa

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***This content was written for Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for marketing purposes only.***

Stop Suffering With the Help of Alternative Medicine in Tulsa

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

This content has been created to help patients to find us and is not designed to help treat or prevent illness for medical care. Call us today at 918-935-3636

Dr. Chad P. Edwards, D.O., has been providing alternative medicine in Tulsa for years. Dr. Edwards holds B.S. in Exercise Science and Sport Medicine from Oklahoma Baptist University and attended medical school at Oklahoma State University College for Health Sciences. He completed his residency at Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, NC and is board certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Edwards has worked as an emergency physician in several hospitals in TN and KY. When he left the army, he and his family moved back to Tulsa where he then worked at Warren Clinic for one year. He quickly discovered the need for a truly functional medicine clinic in Tulsa, so he started Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. Call us today at 918-935-3636 and we’ll tell you how we can help you to achieve your best health.

At Revolution Health and Wellness, Dr. Edwards focuses on sports medicine and alternative medicine in Tulsa. He views health and wellness as a preventative way to improve your health, lower your risk of injury, and decrease illness and disease. We believe that whenever possible, it’s much better to be proactive as opposed to reactive when it comes to your health. Dr. Edwards takes a holistic approach with his patients. He loves being able to help people improve their health when nothing else has been able to help. If there was only one thing that Revolution Health and Wellness could do to improve the health of Americans, it would to educate them on proper lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle includes balanced nutrition, exercise, body composition, smoking cessation, stress reduction, and nutrition supplementation as needed. When we address each of these aspects of a healthy lifestyle, we can ensure the best health possible for each of our patients and the prevention of an endless list of severe medical problems. At Revolution Health and Wellness, we use alternative medicine in Tulsa, and a pain therapy called Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself. Read on to find out more.

Most musculoskeletal pains are caused by the relaxation of ligaments and tendons. This happens when there is damage to these areas and the result is instability. When we use Prolotherapy, Dr. Edwards injects a “proliferant” solution into the damaged areas, which in turn starts an inflammatory response. This response is the first step in healing the damage. Prolotherapy initiates a powerful inflammatory response by stimulating the healing cascade. In other words, Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal itself.

The body heals itself through a complex inflammatory process that consists of three phases. The first is inflammatory, which occurs within the first 36 hours following an injury. The second phase is proliferative, which takes approximately 36 hours to 6 weeks. The third phase is called remodeling, which takes 6 weeks to 18 months on average. Most patients will require 3 to 6 procedures scheduled about 3 to 4 weeks apart. Call Revolution Health and Wellness today, and Dr. Edwards will get started on helping you to relieve your pain with the use of alternative medicine in Tulsa.

Alternative Medicine in Tulsa Provides Relief From Your Pain

This Content Was Written By Revolution Health

Are you aware that 100 million Americans are currently suffering from some type of physical pain? This pain costs the US a staggering $600,000,000,000 per year. One hundred people in the US die every day from a drug overdose, and 60% of those overdoses are because of prescription medications. This country is in a prescription drug epidemic and the epidemic is only getting worse. Call Dr. Chad P. Edwards, DO at Revolution Health and Wellness at 918-935-3636, and he’ll show you how you can get freedom from your pain with the use of alternative medicine in Tulsa today.

When it comes to treating your pain, you have two options. The first is that you can look into pain management. This typically means using traditional Western medical care where you will likely be prescribed medications and possibly have surgery recommended to you. This may be your only option and at this point, or you may still be searching for other options such as alternative medicine in Tulsa. No matter what, it is important to understand that narcotic pain medications come with many problems, such as dependence, addiction, overdose, abuse, decreased effect, side effects, and eventual tolerance. We are not saying that prescription medications are always negative, there are certainly some circumstances when this type of therapy is the best option.

At Revolution Health, we proudly provide our patients with a gentler and better way to approach their chronic pain through the use of alternative medicine in Tulsa. We have many patients that come to see us that have tried everything they can think of to relieve their pain with minimal to no results, especially lasting relief. Our goal is to find the source of your pain and then to eradicate the pain from the source whenever possible. We are proud to provide our patients with the highest success interventions with the lowest risk and at the lowest cost.

We have an effective alternative medicine in Tulsa solution for chronic pain called prolotherapy. This is a system that stimulates the body to heal itself, instead of just putting a bandage over the problem with prescriptions. Prolotherapy can reduce your pain and greatly improve your function and quality of life. It comes with a very low risk to the patient and is also very cost effective. Prolotherapy has been around for nearly 100 years and can help heal the areas in the body that are causing your pain. Call us today at 918-935-3636 to see if Prolotherapy is right for you.

Prolotherapy is a treatment for musculoskeletal pain that will help increase your function and
ultimately help you to get back to life the way you knew it before you were in pain. Prolotherapy stimulates the body’s own healing process to heal damaged tendons, ligaments and cartilage to permanently eradicate these pains. We don’t know of any other procedure that is capable of restoring these damaged structures. Prolotherapy is the injection of a ‘proliferant’ solution into the damaged structures. The solution is slightly irritating and stimulates the immune system to heal damage throughout the body. Prolotherapy initiates a powerful inflammatory response throughout the body, which then stimulates healing throughout the damaged areas.


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