Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma Prolotherapy | Podcast 4 – Part 5

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Against the Grain with Dr. Chad Edwards | Oklahoma Prolotherapy | Podcast 4 – Part 5

Brian Wilkes: It always comes back for you. It’s a 360 view of the person.

Dr. Chad: Absolutely. Again …

Brian Wilkes: Underlying symptoms, it’s managed care.

Dr. Chad:  … we …. Absolutely. We have to make sure that we’re doing the best we can for that patient. I’m sure you’ve seen this. Especially, you go to gym and you’re working out. These guys, they just want to be bigger. They want to be faster. They want to be stronger. I saw that all the time in special operations.

In fact, there was a question that came up in 1 of the special operations units that I worked with. “Should we just put these guys on testosterone to enhance their performance?” At the time I said, “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Now, I’m going to retract that just a little bit, but I would not free for all everyone. “Come in and get your testosterone so that you can increase performance.” That’s probably not appropriate either. This has to be managed.

Brian Wilkes: This is 1 of these things. There’s all kinds of issues that fall into this category of, “Should you have a drink, a glass of wine?”

Dr. Chad: Yeah.

Brian Wilkes: In moderation.

Dr. Chad:  Sure.

Brian Wilkes: Should you have a gun and shoot it? Yeah. You shouldn’t shoot it the wrong way. It should be used appropriately.

Dr. Chad: Correct.

Brian Wilkes: This is 1 of these things in medicine that obviously it’s anything that’s highly effective can be misused.

Dr. Chad: Absolutely.

Brian Wilkes:  I think for reasonable people, which I would assume consist of the whole listening group of people that listen to you and this podcast. This is not a shameful topic. This is not something that puts someone in the category of a steroid user.

Dr. Chad: That’s exactly right.

Brian Wilkes: [Crosstalk 00:25:14].

Dr. Chad: Again, when it’s appropriately managed, when we’re doing all those things. Some testosterone clinics do a fantastic job of that. Some do not. Again, there’s multiple ways that we can replace testosterone. We tailor that for each patient. We give them all the options. We let them have a weigh in in that. They’re the ones that are going to be doing it every day. If you’re doing a cream or a gel, it’s every day. There’s pros and cons with that. There’s pros and cons with injections. There’s pros and cons with pellets, all of those kinds of things.

These are all questions that we can certainly review 1 on 1. We’ll definitely talk more in detail about these things in future podcasts.

Brian Wilkes: This is a great subject. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Sex. How is the connection to testosterone? I hear these guys going to …. I’m ashamed. Sometimes I stay up too late. I’m watching these late night info commercials. I can’t go to sleep. Literally, I have 400 stations on my cable box. I pay $200 a month, or something. The only thing on is this guy talking about get testosterone to improve your sex life. Ridiculous. It’s either that or a preacher.

I actually find, in some instances, the preacher to be more fascinating. You get a lot of talk around a direct linkage between testosterone and sex drive.

Dr. Chad: That’s correct. There’s no question that that can play a role as well. I get patients that their sex drive is low. We give them testosterone and their sex drive isn’t any better. This is a multi-factorial issue.

With women, there’s 50 things. You can look at them wrong and their sex drive’s down for a month.

Brian Wilkes: Isn’t that right? You’re right on.

Dr. Chad: Men are pretty linear.

Brian Wilkes:  I was going to say that’s a whole, at least 100 podcasts that we could talk about the differences between men and women when it comes to sex.

Dr. Chad: We will be talking about that. We will be talking about ….

Brian Wilkes: Don’t fire me before then.

Dr. Chad: You got it. We will be talking about biodentical hormones and sex drive. My nurse practitioner, will be coming on. That’s 1 of her passions. She’s working on that stuff right now. That will be coming.

Men, it’s still multi-factorial if there is resentment, there’s psychological issues, there’s lots of stress. All of those things can impact sex drive. Certainly, as we age our erectile function tends to decline, but there is a direct correlation between erectile function and risk for cardiovascular disease. These are things that we have to watch closely.

If you have any performance issues, you’re not able to get a sufficient erection, then now there could be a psychological component with that. “Crap, I couldn’t perform before.” Now you’re just focused on keeping it up and stuff.

Brian Wilkes: Yeah, there’s that. For me, when I hear you talk about this, there are many components to a sex drive.

I think of I drive a truck. I love driving my truck. I want to go as fast as I can in that truck without completely breaking the law. I would say there’s many components to allow that to happen. I’ve got to have my oil changed. I’ve got to have tires that work.

I see this issue as again, there’s a lot of talk about testosterone. I think there’s a lot of guys that look for hope in this category, in the sex category, if you will. They think that there’s just a silver bullet for that truck to go down that highway pretty fast and there’s not; and there’s not.

Dr. Chad: That’s right.

Brian Wilkes: This is not a silver bullet for sex drive.

Dr. Chad: That’s 1 of the things that we do differently at Revolution Health. We certainly provide testosterone replacement when medically indicated. We are looking at the whole picture. You can’t get what we do in a quick, come in, get your injection, you’re out the door kind of thing.

Our goal is to revolutionize health. It’s our mission statement, to revolutionize medical care. When patients come in and their sex drive’s low, they’re tired, whatever. There are multiple factors. It is not just low testosterone. Their testosterone may be primary, but it may be secondary.

There may be reasons like there could be pituitary issues, there could be brain issues, there could be testicle issues on why their testosterone is low. That has to be evaluated. In the bigger scheme of things, we give you testosterone when medically indicated and things may improve; they may not. We have to look at that underlying picture. What else is going on?

Our goal is to help you optimize your sleep, optimize your nutrition, so that you get out of bed and you’re a NASCAR ready to run.

Brian Wilkes: I love it, love the analogy.

Dr. Chad: That’s our goal.

Brian Wilkes: That’s my goal. That’s my life goal. I need to go. Do you know a good doctor?

Dr. Chad: Yes. How do you want me to answer that, Brian? It sounds arrogant.

Brian Wilkes: It’s your show. I figured you’d give yourself a plug there. I was throwing you a softball.

Dr. Chad: At the same time ….

Brian Wilkes: Apparently you need some. You need a mojo.